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Free & Equal Announces Winners of October 23 Presidential Debate

Finalists to Square Off October 30 in Washington DC

Free and Equal Elections Foundation today announced that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the final Presidential debate on October 30 from 9:00 to 10:30 Eastern Time in Washington DC. The debate location will be at RT America’s state of the art studio and facility. RT America will open its studio and offer a live, neutral feed via satellite to interested media. The moderator will be announced on Monday, October 29.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson participated in the first debate.

The voter’s ranked choices were collected at Free and Equal’s website after the first debate, with a total of 47,836 votes cast.

The votes were tallied via instant runoff voting (IRV). IRV tallies all the voters’ first choice candidates. Then, the candidate in fourth place is knocked off, and the second, third and fourth choices for those ballots are added to the other candidates’ totals.

Candidate First Count Runoff Count Grand Total
Gary Johnson 26,187 1,962 28,149
Jill Stein 15,013 292 15,305
Rocky Anderson 3,938 444 4,382
Virgil Goode 2,698 --- ---

“The voters have spoken, and we are pleased to announce that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the second debate,” stated Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free & Equal.

The first debate garnered national and international media sponsors and worldwide coverage, bringing fresh new ideas and viewpoints to a large online audience. Replays are available on Ora.tv and RT America’s YouTube channels, Al Jazeera’s website, as well as Free & Equal’s website.

Free & Equal has assembled a diverse group of ballot-qualified candidates, political parties, media, businesses, musicians, radio personalities, organizations, and individuals across the political spectrum to support an open, honest, unscripted, multi-partisan debate for American voters and the international community. Current sponsors include: The Nation, The American Conservative, Fair Tax Nation, Humboldt Sentinel, Before It’s News, The Josh Tolley Show, Ballot Access News, Come Home America, Owl Creek Gazette, Free Talk Live, Securing Liberty Radio, 1787 Network, Voice of Russia, Freedom’s Phoenix, Muslims for Liberty, National Constitution Party, The Justice Party, Blue Republicans, Restore the Republic, Re-Tea Party, Free the Vote NC, We the People, Grassroots for Liberty, New Progressive Alliance, Libertarian Party of Illinois, Liberty Candidates, Liberty Avengers, Liberty Chat, Cook County Green Party, Marin Libertarian Party, Rockford Tea Party, Dangerous Conversation, End the Lie, Wide Awake News, Freedom Files, Kelly Truth Squad, 1787 Flags, The Liberty ViewsLetter, Liberty Hour, Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution. , Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair, ROJS Radio Live, Drudge Retort, Freedom Informant Network, Gadsden Rising on Freedomize, Irregular Times, J.D. Nero, The Industry, StopTheLie.com, LulzBot, Ron Paul Flix, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, Elect1.org, Rense Radio Network, Milwaukee Business Promotions, Libertarian Party of Tennessee, Devvy, KCSB, Gun Owners of America, CSPOA, and No Agenda.

Viewers can catch the live debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson at www.freeandequalorg/live, and RT America’s YouTube channel. Additional media may join a neutral live feed. Please send the MSM email and make calls and ask them to broadcast it.


Viva la r3volution!

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The true winner is we the

The true winner is we the people, who got to see a glimpse of a future that will soon be part of America once again: a free and equal debate with no contracts and no pre-determined answers

All of them are winners

All of them are winners and patriots for not selling out, let's
do the same.

Hand out cards/literature or tracks about the Federal Reserve Bank,
To people at the mall,supermarket,church and school or anywhere else
in public.
DO IT!It does work. Remember to put websites and QR codes on your

Don't forget Justin Amash

Don't forget Justin Amash needs all of our help Ron Paul and the
LibertyPAC sent out an e-mail asking to help out Mr.Amash.


In Liberty

Hand out cards/literature or tracks about the Federal Reserve Bank,
To people at the mall,supermarket,church and school or anywhere else
in public.
DO IT!It does work. Remember to put websites and QR codes on your

Wow... Less than 50 thousand

Wow... Less than 50 thousand votes and I would venture many of those votes are hard core voting more than once... They screwed the debate up bad.... The start was very rocky then going off into drugs right up front... Did they just try to get anyone who is mainstream to turn the channel before it even got started? The drug war is an issue but would do much better off at the end of the debate not the start! I managed to talk a few people into turning it on only to have them see that start and think what a bunch of nuts. It really did appear to be put together to make them look like a bunch of nuts. Oh well only one Ron Paul.

The questions should have been 1. Debt 2. the NDAA 3. Patriot Act 4. Federal Reserve and sound money 5. Constitutional wars 6. Iran ect.... 100 drugs!

I agree, if the drug question was

only at the end, we could have emailed the link to a bunch of friends, but we know from previous conversations that they wouldn't get past that, so we didn't. Maybe we can email the next one. I like your order of topics. Maybe you could give suggestions to the next moderator :-)

All in all, my husband and I were so excited to watch a debate with real issues instead of the twiddly-dee and twiddly-dum one-party debates.

Isn't it amazing that one man united all those parties? Ron Paul would have just creamed Obama!!!!


Most likely it was the question with the highest number of hits. I would not expect Virgil Goode to answer any differently, because of his very strict religious views. The last guy on the ballot,in 2008, was a pastor,Chuck Baldwin. But, he felt we are losing too many freedoms. He also felt that the drug war is wrong. Too bad he isn't in there again. But, they are strictly pro-life. Although Chuck Baldwin felt like Dr Paul-that it should be a state's rights issue.

I never could have performed an abortion,unless the mother was dying, myself. But making it illegal will just create more criminals. It would, also, inject more danger into the medical care of women. In the end, the choice is the woman's. She is the one who will eventually have to deal with it. The women I knew, in the past, talked about the aborted children, and how old they would be. It is just a choice that affects women, so much, more than they think, years after the deed, was done. But, in a free country, it should remain as it is. It is not mine to judge, only to love and give good advice, IF ASKED!

It is obvious that Dr Stein's views on socializing education and medical care were not, too, popular. She only got about half the final votes. But, it is now official that in polls, over fifty percent, of people asked, favor cannabis legalization.

Obama might, by some miracle, fix it during his second term. But Romney's religion keeps him from drinking any caffeine, let alone, approve of alcohol and drugs. I worry that a Tea-totaller is a good choice to run this country. That is, unless, he can divorce himself of such thinking when acting in official political decisions. After hearing his response to the young man with MS, I don't see him as a good leader for making decisions on this expensive, failed, war on drugs. Though, I doubt that he would call for the prohibition of alcohol, either.

You got that right Tdd4ron. Why did they start with drugs?

The people who put this on should know better.

Afterall, Free and Equal would seem to be a friend of the 3rd party candidates.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Honestly, I thought Rocky

Honestly, I thought Rocky Anderson did a better job than Jill Stein.

Emailed C-Span...


Thanks Zak. I voted for Johnson 1st and Goode 2nd place.

I thought the Constitution Party would be there which would have provided an interesting "debate" because they have more in common with the Libertarians than they don't.

But now Gary Johnson can really show the stark difference between socialism and free markets.

About the only 2 things those 2 will agree on is ending U.S. military adventurism around the world.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I hope it's on C-CPAN again.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Whereas I agree with GJ and libertarian philosophy

I don't have so much of a problem with Jill Stein's idea to rob the bankers who robbed us with their secret bailouts. The Fed having printed trillions dollars means there will be eventual hyperinflation and collapse of the dollar and there is nothing that will change that. Might as well steal that money back and spend it as fast as possible on programs that will create infrastructure before it becomes worthless wallpaper! Its suicide I agree because it will bring hyperinflation that much quicker but the alternative is our slaughter with no benefits! Just need to make sure they don't spend one dime on the climate change hoax.

I Love IRV

I wish we could have Instant Runnoff Voting for the national elections in this country...

I liked the debate, but I

I liked the debate, but I wish it also featured candidates of the Freedom and Peace Party and the Socialist Party. Not that I support them, but it would be great to have them included as well.

Hopefully Frankenstorm doesn't postpone the debate

I am looking forward to it, but 10/30 is when the worst of the storm is supposed to hit.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

I voted for

Gary Johnson first and Jill Stein second
I thought I would have voted for Virgil Goode but I didn't like most of his answers. I don't agree with Jill Stein on any domestic issues but I certainly don't mind hearing her argue her stances, even though socialism is antithetical to freedom.
I loved hearing Gary Johnson talk about things being "free"

awesome just how i voted. I

awesome just how i voted. I think the contrasts between gary and jill will help the liberty movement. I give jill stein much respect. Gary Johnson 2012 ps i feel a new political coalition forming. The gop will either rise or fall in it's own ashes.

Ron Paul 2016

If only...

... if only America were a free country instead of a fascist one owned and controlled by the corporate pigs who usurped the once great nation, then that is what the televised debates would look like. Real candidates, real questions, smart answers.
It is obvious to me and I hope most people that each one of the debaters in this contest are more concerned about their country rather than their own agendas and paying off their corporate buddies.
It's a real shame that most Americans are completely oblivious to the tyranny that has become Amerika.
Frogs in the soup pot.

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

Not sure how anyone he could

Not sure how anyone here could like Virgil Goode.... the man doesnt know his left from from his elbow, and he thinks he represents the Constitution! He doesnt know that the founding fathers grew and were heavily dependent on hemp! Not only does he not know this, he supports federal tyranny and arresting non violent drug users, ignoring a states will... and is a complete isolationists, what to shut down the border to help our "employment problem", without any mention of monetary policy. what a joke!

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

Does anyone else have these troubling thoughts?

The only reason I may vote for VG is:

RP says "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

VJ is the only pro-life candidate, and it is ridiculous to me that he is the best the Constitution Party could nominate. What I see is a big Bait and Switch going on...Ron Paul a True Liberty Candidate being replaced by four 3rd party candidates, 2 of which are socialist/communist, 1 of which says he is a Libertarian, and the other which has a pro-life record, but cannot speak to the issues in a clear and concise way, And believe me, after VG answered his first question and I felt the time was shortened, I started watching the second hand on my clock. VG did not get his 2 minutes most of the time. He was cut short by Larry King multiple times. It seems to me that we did not like it Ron Paul was not given equal time. So VG should have had several minutes left at the end of the debate to speak…according to the rules if I understood them correctly.

The other thing that crosses my mind is that this country is fixated on the wars in the middle east and we are falling from within. RT is hosting the last debate between a Socialist/Communist and a fake Libertarian??? Meanwhile both the DNC and RNC cannot seem to run a fair convention.

Does anyone else have these troubling thoughts? Please understand I am only being honest with the thoughts going thru my mind. If I am wrong, please correct me. I want to know the truth.

Last night I watched http://www.dailypaul.com/260270/agenda-grinding-america-down... and I am scared.


The problem with that.

No one can legislate morality, no matter how hard we try! It is part of being a nanny state.

We might need to attack the problem by making adoptions easier and helping those girls, who get pregnant without a substantial supporter to be able to raise a family. We also must do more counseling to girls who want to get pregnant to "have someone to love and love me back"! Right now, there is too much encouragement for girls to become single mothers and live on welfare.

Although I am a charismatic Christian, I don't feel I can save the entire world, or should be casting my pearls before swine. Discernment is mine. but, judgment, in my mind, is left to the Lord. Maybe that is why gay people like me, so much. I treat everyone, including the mentally challenged, as human beings, deserving of respect and love, as in Christ's only commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself".

If I made a mistake in my thinking, my only hope is that aborted babies will be in Heaven, with the rest of us saved sinners. I can only put my Hope is God's gift of salvation, through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus. If we got justice, none of us would go to be with Jesus!

Ron Paul

from what I understand doesn't believe in legislating morality, but he did believe that the inception of life could be determined: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2416477

Yes, we must love our neighbor as ourselves: Proverbs 24:11 If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; 12 If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?

The very least we can do is vote for life?

while it is an important issue

the drug war is not THE issue of the day.
I can let Goode slide on this one.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Not shure what debate you were watching...

I liked most of his answers.He mentioned monetary policy many times,he is very sane compared to Rocky and Jill.He will cut off the drug wars budget.Anyway budget>drug war we are on a monetary cliff, cut, cut ,cut.
Second debate should have been Goode vs Johnson.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

Virgil Goode

The biggest problem with Virgil Goode and the Constitution Party is they are not held together by solidarity. He is only on the ballot in 26 states and I know that Will Christensen is the nominee by the Constitution Party in Oregon. This is a big problem. I am voting Libertarian Party because they are on the ballot in 49 states and they are committed to their candidate of choice. I also did not like VG's answer on the war on drugs, as he said, "If you are for marijuana being legalized, then I am not the candidate you should vote for." Colorado is voting for legalization of marijuana and so is Oregon where I am from. If both states pass these ballot measures, it will be a big leap toward the federal government taking it off the schedule one class it is in presently. Keep your fingers crossed.

Write in RP where you can. I

Write in RP where you can. I believe you can write in in 46 states.

Much more than 23...

Nice joke though!

Edit to other post above:I just meant to say cut a large amount not off.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

"He will cut off the drug

"He will cut off the drug wars budget."

That's not what he said. He said he will cut it, not cut it off. He implied that he would make cuts in many areas, not cut it off completely. There's a big difference. He is certainly not a liberty candidate.

Yeah, would have been better

Yeah, would have been better for him to beat out Rocky atleast.

Southern Agrarian

And you seriously think Jill

And you seriously think Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson, both globalist social democrats, are better? Not sure how anyone here could like them. Rocky even hates Ron Paul. Goode used to have lunch with Ron Paul every week and donated $500 to his 2008 campaign.

Goode never said he wanted federal tyranny. He talked more about state's rights than any of the other candidates. Stein and Anderson support federal pro-choice laws. They support strangling businesses through overtaxation and overregulation on the federal level. Is that not federal tyranny?

I didn't hear GJ say anything of substance about monetary policy either, except for saying "monetary collapse" a couple of times.

A problem with this debate was that they didn't actually ask many questions about fiscal and monetary policy, so it pretty much favored the left. The two leftists got to tell everyone what they wanted to hear (free college! w00t!) without ever mentioning any way of paying for it.

There are too many people on the Daily Paul that are soft on leftists who talk the talk on a couple of social issues, yet go down hard on anyone on the right that adopts any policy moderately authoritarian, while forgetting that left wing fiscal views are inherently authoritarian.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/