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Santa Claus is a Write-in Candidate in the State of Washington

Ron Paul is not an "Official Write-in Candidate For President" in Washington but Santa Claus is. Apparently Santa wants to be president and has filled out the simple form that Washington requires to be a write-in candidate. Santa's name is at the bottom of page 2 on this document from the Washington Secretary of State's web page: http://www.sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/2012PresidentVicePre...

Read this important information in the heading of that document:

"Votes for an individual write-in candidate will not be tallied by name unless the total number of write-in votes cast exceeds the votes cast for the top vote getter"

It is clear that there will be no way to tell in the final vote total if a Washington resident voted for Ron Paul, Santa Claus, or one of the other 30 write-in candidates . . .

If you want to send a message to the GOP then I don't think having your vote thrown in with the Santa Claus votes is going to send a very clear message. I'll be voting for Gary Johnson who is actually running and will be on my ballot.

If you still want to vote for Santa Claus you can find out more on his website at: http://santaclausforpresident.com/

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