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Obama Double Entendre "1st Time" Young Woman Ad is a Knockoff of Putin ad!

Looks like the obama campaign thinks the way to get the women vote is by making cheap videos like this:


Worse its not even an original but copied from his communist pal, Vlad Putin.


Via Foreign Policy:


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so ?

By basically saying women are about sex, obama is trying to get the woman vote?

Yes, an obvious reach

That falls short

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Message in the ad: "Vote for Obama

and you'll get screwed."

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Do you think Ron Paul would EVER, (even with Jesse Benton)

release an ad like this??

Lack of Presidential decorum-first his bullsh*tter remark

now this....

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This shows not only the disrespect Obama has for women

but, the lack of respect our CULTURE has for women that an American president would even THINK he could get young women to vote for him with this kind of...pardon my French...SHIT!!!

Obama is showing himself to be more and more desperate every day. He knows he can't get anywhere near the numbers of young non-blacks to vote for him like he did in 2008 because of his sorry economy, so, he's got to resort to garbage like this.

I've had it up to my nostrils with this guy.

pandering at its worst

Mitt romney has some serious issues that prevent me from voting for him but I am convinced that Obama is the worst of two evils, so not voting for Obama is a stronger Never!

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I respect your opinion. I don't like Romney either.

But, if you live in a swing state, please consider reconsidering....even if you never tell anybody about it.

agree but I dont so I can easily vote for Johnson

and feel good about it

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With all his glitz and glamor

With all his glitz and glamor it is blatantly obvious he is compensating and distracting for something.

Southern Agrarian

Looks like Putin ran at least two ads with this theme

we await barack's next masterpiece!
Here is Putin's other ad

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When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

obama will have "more flexibility" after November

.. to make videos and try out his one liners like "Romnesia" as a stand up comic

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