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Reality Check w/ Ben Swann: Can Ohio Voting Machines be Hacked? 10/25/12

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should hack the system and give Hamilton County to Johnson. That would make for a lot of fun on Nov. 6th.


Would it be of any help to contact

the Ohio Board of Elections, or Hamilton County's to insist on paper ballot counting? At my precinct, they use the machine that we feed the ballot into for counting, so there actually is a paper trail.

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I just early voted in Texas, I asked for a paper ballot but now its not cost effective to have paper ballots, so I had to use the damn machine. All that needs to be changed in the process is the provide each voting individual with a "receipt" or record of your vote. Is that too frikin hard?? Then all votes are verifiable.

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Yes, yes it is too Friggin hard...

...when your goal is to rig the election process. Here we storm into Middle Eastern countries ostensibly to bring "democracy" so the people have a voice in their government, when the American people have none..how do you spell hypocracy?


If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

This is funny

because you actually spelled hypocrisy wrong. lol

Not to detract from your point.

Proof of vote

Yes. A simple paper receipt would seem to solve this problem wouldn't it? And, my understanding is that's what they do in Venezuela of all places.

Ed Rombach

I don't know about paper receipts

If everyone received a paper receipt, it would seem to me that the only way to verify that the machine tally matched the paper receipts would be to then collect everyone's receipts and add them up manually. What's to prevent "correct" votes but in machines where the candidate's tally starts not with a zero but either a negative or positive number. There are numerous ways to rig computers, at different stages of the process.

I thought this was a great video: "Hacking Democracy," especially the demonstration at the end, from about 1:06:00 on (after Diebold executives said that it's not possible to alter the vote).

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Based out of Austin? Damn.

Well that explains why my vote was stolen from me here in Austin. Travis County, (Austin) votes were flipped for Romney. http://www.libertyusapac.org/wordpresspac/2012/06/11/217/

I was incredibly surprised with Ron Paul's results here when I saw them. Austin, of all the cities in Texas, is by far the most Democratic leaning, so it's fair to say most people here wouldn't vote for a Republican in the first place, but if they did it sure seemed like it would be Ron Paul to me, I didn't see a single Romney sign until quite a while after his heavy handed coronation. Most of all, I don't remember Romney ever visiting Austin, or TX at all for that matter, and drawing any kind of crowd - but I do remember being in a crowd of thousands to hear Ron Paul speak on two separate occasions here in Austin.

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If only all my wishes came true

~ and so quickly. THANKS, BEN! "Ben Swann covered voter fraud during the primaries. I hope he'll help to bring these issues mainstream."

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Lysander Spooner outlines the problems of secret voting:

In short, men's voluntary support of the Constitution is doubtless, in most cases, wholly contingent upon the question whether, by means of the Constitution, they can make themselves masters, or are to be made slaves.

Such contingent consent as that is, in law and reason, no consent at all.

9. As everybody who supports the Constitution by voting (if there are any such) does so secretly (by secret ballot), and in a way to avoid all personal responsibility for the acts of his agents or representatives, it cannot legally or reasonably be [*11] said that anybody at all supports the Constitution by voting. No man can reasonably or legally be said to do such a thing as assent to, or support, the Constitution, unless he does it openly, and in a way to make himself personally responsible for the acts of his agents, so long as they act within the limits of the power he delegates to them.

10. As all voting is secret (by secret ballot), and as all secret governments are necessarily only secret bands of robbers, tyrants, and murderers, the general fact that our government is practically carried on by means of such voting, only proves that there is among us a secret band of robbers, tyrants, and murderers, whose purpose is to rob, enslave, and, so far as necessary to accomplish their purposes, murder, the rest of the people. The simple fact of the existence of such a band does nothing towards proving that "the people of the United States," or any one of them, voluntarily supports the Constitution.

For all the reasons that have now been given, voting furnishes no legal evidence as to who the particular individuals are (if there are any), who voluntarily support the Constitution. It therefore furnishes no legal evidence that anybody supports it voluntarily.

So far, therefore, as voting is concerned, the Constitution, legally speaking, has no supporters at all.

And, as a matter of fact, there is not the slightest probability that the Constitution has a single bona fide supporter in the country. That is to say, there is not the slightest probability that there is a single man in the country, who both understands what the Constitution really is, and sincerely supports it for what it really is.

The ostensible supporters of the Constitution, like the ostensible supporters of most other governments, are made up of three classes, viz.: 1. Knaves, a numerous and active class, who see in the government an instrument which they can use for their own aggrandizement or wealth. 2. Dupes --- a large class, no [*12] doubt --- each of whom, because he is allowed one voice out of millions in deciding what he may do with his own person and his own property, and because he is permitted to have the same voice in robbing, enslaving, and murdering others, that others have in robbing, enslaving, and murdering himself, is stupid enough to imagine that he is a "free man," a "sovereign"; that this is "a free government"; "a government of equal rights," "the best government on earth," and such like absurdities. 3. A class who have some appreciation of the evils of government, but either do not see how to get rid of them, or do not choose to so far sacrifice their private interests as to give themselves seriously and earnestly to the work of making a change.

Lysander Spooner, one of my

Lysander Spooner, one of my favorite anarchists! And I mean that as a compliment...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

The solution is very easy:

The solution is very easy: open vote! List on a public governmental websites all the votes. This way the vote is not secret, but public as specific for a republic. Everyone can check his or her vote and the votes can be recounted by anyone.

They don't need to be hacked....

....just programmed from the beginning to spin the results.


Exactly my thought...

just ask Clint Curtis!

While I think it is still

While I think it is still relevant and necessary to maintain a paper trail of the votes (and for voters to be able to personally verify that their votes are counted), there is no reason why these electronic voting machines should be easily breached. There are several well-known and proven encryption techniques, data protocols, and error checking methods out their that even a computer science grad student could implement effectively. The entire e-commerce industry as well as network security companies stock their livelihoods on such methods.

If even a government commission can show that these machines are easily breached, those in charge of authorizing them are either ignorant or know exactly what these machines are capable of.

If they want to make electronic voting effective, I would recommend they look at some of the proven standards out their now and look into engineering publications and devise as near a foolproof machine as can be made.

In the mean time, the voter (short of getting legislation passed to improve voter transparency) must rely on strong exit polling conducted by the grassroots.


Just to lay down a marker, in the 2008 presidential election, the Libertarian Party received a total of 523,686 votes or 0.4% of the total popular vote. Given the expected windfall of votes the Libertarian Party will receive this year from Ron Paul supporters, it is safe to say that if the Libertarian Party does not garner at least 3 to 5 times as many votes as it did in 2008, that will mean that the votes were stolen. Of course I'm not suggesting who would be responsible for stealing the votes but just that they would have been stolen.

Ed Rombach

Hard to predict

But I think you are more right than wrong. It's a shame the Liberty movement did not unify earlier. Could have made a big difference.


stolen or just out right

stolen or just out right wasted with a write-in that will never be counted unless they are in a state that actually counts uncertified write-ins. I expect alot of votes for the lp and gary unless alot of ron paul folks waste their time and write-in ron paul on sims/ps3. which would probably count more then a defaced ballot. These write-in folks are basically gonna deface their own ballot willingly. Then the dnc/gop will just scrap the whole ballot. I wouldn't call that stolen, just stupidity on part of some ron paul republicans who will cancel all their votes local to state because they felt they must write-in a candidate that is no longer running.

These folks writing in ron paul in states that will not count them are wasting everyone's time and money!

1.5 to 2 mil plus votes seems very plausible. Anything over 1.5 mil or higher is a huge building block and win for liberty. I would like to see 2-5 million.

this whole write-in campaign in states that do not even count write-ins is giving/cancelling votes away not stealing them. defacing ballots means the voter threw their votes away. just pointing out that some of this will be self-inflicted.

Ron Paul 2016

down voting doesn't stop the

down voting doesn't stop the fact, that votes will not be counted for write-ins in states that ron paul was not certified in.:) and odds are you will invalidate your whole ballot and the rnc/dnc will love you:)

common sense!!

Ron Paul 2016

I see your point...

The way I see it, due to the Electoral College, the only voters that count in the Presidential election are in the swing states, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada,New Hampshire and North Carolina and Ben alludes to that in this segment. These nine states get to decide who the next president will be...well actually the electors will! It is why the Obamney twins only campaign in those states. So, I know California will be for Obama no matter what and my vote means absolutely nothing regardless of who's name I mark, write in or if I choose to abstain. Is it any wonder that people do not turn out to vote in Presidential elections?

insert maniacal laughter...

not at you, at the tom foolery of the Electoral College.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Don't be surprised if Ron Paul write-in votes are given to....

Romney. Exit polls are going to be important.

I wish the RP write-in voters would at least consider helping the LP get 5% for the next Ron Paul candidate in 2016. Five percent would ensure that the next Ron Paul candidate would be on every state ballot and included in presidential debates.

If Romney wins, the next Ron Paul opportunity won't come until 2020 under the Republican Party but it could come in 2016 under the LP.

If Obama wins, they still could use the LP to run the next RP candidate. Otherwise, they'll have a tougher time getting an RP candidate under the Republican Party after all the rules that were changed at the RNC.

I won't say write-in votes for RP are wasted but I will say a great opportunity will we wasted and would save Ron Paul ideal's supporters a lot of work.

Libertarians would have no problem helping a Ron Paul candidate to the white house but RP supporters have to take advantage of a future opportunity this election or they're going to have their work cut out for them.

Ron Paul Factor in the Swing States

Yes. Putting aside the issue of vote fraud for the moment, the election will be won or lost in the 11 battleground swing states which account for 146 electoral votes. Latest polling indicates that Obama is still leading Romney by an average of of just one half of one percent (0.5%). However, the electoral vote breakdown of these states currently weighs in with 46 going to Romney vs. 100 going to Obama. Now take into account that in the recent primaries and caucuses held in these swing states Ron Paul garnered about 2% of the total number of votes cast in these states in the 2008 election. This means that the Ron Paul vote will be a decisive factor in the outcome and we all know who these voters will not be pulling the lever for in the voting booth.

Ed Rombach

I hope they blame us in the MSM when Romney Loses

We need the attention focused on us to win more people to the cause and to promote the Liberty platform in the 2016 election. The Liberty Patriots can steal the thunder of the flagging tea Party movement. Mount Up! Here we Go.
Think Donald Trump is an attention whore? You aint seen nothin yet.

Let's see, one side has Hamilton

The other side is in Spain tabulating the votes. Heads they win, tails you lose.

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Just as in Tampa, the CHEATING Romney / RNC elites

march on towards the throne, pretending that nothing is wrong to be unethical. So THIS is how a *bishop* of his church behaves?!? HE is the leading shining example for his flock??!

I hope BISHOP Romney and his people snap out of this power game SOON and declare that even they had enough of RNC cheating & war-mongering ways of life.

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ooops, I just read that Bruce Jessen, the author of CIA torture

manual was newly appointed to become a Mormon Bishop as well. . .


Crucifixtion, anyone?

It is what Jesus would do....
I live in a VERY Mormon state (they call it "North Utah.") In daily interactions, they are generally very nice people, but when it comes to politics they are EITHER - VERY awake and staunch RP supporters, or they are totally hypnotized by the church.
And I am sorry, but anyone who reads the "Golden Leaves" story and swallows it.... I dunno, seems pretty gullible to me. But hey, at least you have the Bishop of Torture on your side, I'll bet he knows how to change my mind.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Give Ben Swann some much deserved traffic...

And post the link directly to HIS video.



Thanks for that, don't know how I overlooked it. :)

Thanks for fixing it!

I did a youtube search and it came up with your original link by mistake too. No worries!