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Ron Paul's VICTORY

The entire election is a sham.

We are talking about the presidency of the United States of America...a multi-TRILLION dollar entity.

Most people do questionable things just to get through the day. Just imagine the level of corruption/control to control a multi-trillion dollar entity.

Like a reality show, the whole election is scripted...the 'official' MSM polls are mostly there to add credibility to the script. The debates are very controlled giving more time and softball questions to the 'lead actors'. And of course, the vote count is scripted/controlled...a fraud.

Ron Paul's victory is like the 300's victory. As King Leonidas spear made the God-King bleed, Ron Paul shook the hell out of the powers that be way back in the debate in May. Both disspelled the myth that the opposition is infallible...we did so when we threw them off-script. Then, when the people responded more and more to Ron Paul over the next few months, they felt their house of cards shake for the first time. And many of us, for the first time in our lives, felt our own power.

I don't want to give up the election or anything like that. I want to make them 'bleed' even more. But even if Ron Paul wins, he is only the tip of the spear. He already won the battle to get us to believe in ourselves, that free people can stand against organized tyranny. The rest of the war is ours to fight. We have to become political leaders at the local level, become delegates, make voting fair, keep the internet free and use it to hold the MSM and all propaganda accountable, get more control over government school curriculum, etc.

Most importantly, we have to cultivate the power of We the People. Ultimately, we have to take responsibility for our own lives. That means we have to become so strong, no attempt to take our freedom can work.


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