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Misconceptions: Then and Now

When you were first hearing about Dr. Paul, what was your gut reaction about him? Was the well poisoned because the first thing you heard about him was negative or from the perspective of someone who misunderstood him? How long did it take for you to come around? Or were you the type that rallied around him the moment you heard about him?

I ask this because I can see a similar trait among Christians who came to Christ. One thing I see in particular is the general attitude towards the people: "if they only knew". So much of our battle as liberty supporters is convincing people that the way they have been living is not the best way they can live, and that the messenger of that liberty is not the guy the media has made him out to be.

It is the same case with God. I know many libertarians do not believe in God. That's fine. It's not my aim to prove His existence to you. But to just show you that maybe the roadblock you've had with God has more to do with misconceptions about Him, that if relieved, would enable you to willingly accept the existence of God and be willing to follow Him. Much in the same way as we hope to convince people about liberty and what that kind of life should look like. We are still trying to break down those barriers, and I am ever trying to break down these barriers for Christ.

I talk about this in my blog, and I hope you can benefit from it and also see some of the similarities we share as liberty-supporters. Who knows, you just might be living the parable of faith and don't even know it. But I'm presenting it to you to help you connect the dots.


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A discussion better saved for when most people are awake. ;) When I posted this, it was the latest of nights.

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