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It's 10 P.M. In Frankfurt. Do You Know Where Your Gold Is ?

"At a hearing last year, Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke if gold is money. Answer: No.

So why do central banks hold it as a reserve? Answer: Tradition.

Gold, as we've said before, is weird. People still think of it sort of like money. Central banks around the world still hold gold alongside actual currencies like dollars, euros and yen. And they're adding to their gold reserves at a rate of hundreds of tons a year worldwide.


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Where's Waldo?

There now surfaces varying suspicions by the experts and gold gumshoes:

German Lars Schall was interviewed this week by Keiser
and has been relentless on the question for years:

James Turk on KingWorldNews says that it's ALL gone/leased out since 2001:

Finally, this entire show was devoted to the German gold question with second half of show an enjoyable interview of Dominic Frisbee on it as well.
Yeah... you know THAT Dominic Frisbee (heh heh)

Does not compute

Geremany will have 150 tons shipped for inspection. Half of Germany's gold reserves are in New York. Germany holds nearly 3400 tons of gold. Half of 3400 is 1700. 150 tons is not even 10% of the reserves in New York.

This article makes no sense unless the court order is only asking for a fraction of Germany's gold reserves in New York be audited.

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

as you would expect....

The entire article is slanted toward the monetarist view...
i.e. it really doesn't matter 'where' it is..
as long as
Germany is 'acknowledged' by Western banking as the owners
aka it is 'credited' for it.
The NPR piece is hollow as you would expect...
same as the vaults. :)


"The NPR piece is hollow as you would expect...
same as the vaults. :) "


Nice one!

What would the Founders do?