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Mega File-Share Created by Megaupload Founder

Megaupload founder creates new file-share service called Mega that will allow users to upload encrypted files to the cloud storage service.

Kim Dotcom has certainly been facing a lot of grief for his previous site Megaupload. In fact, earlier this year Dotcom’s house was raided and he served some time in jail. Even after all of the legal repercussions, Dotcom announced that he was planning to create a new site that would offer one-click encryption. Enter Mega, the new file-sharing service from Dotcom.

The basic mechanic of Mega will be similar to its predecessor Megaupload. Users will upload their files to an cloud storage service which will allow other Mega users to download these files to their computer. There is one major difference however and that is added security for Dotcom and the users.

When the FBI raided Megaupload’s servers, they also seized all the users’ files. In order to avoid the same issue, Mega will host all of the data on two sets of redundant servers in two different countries. If one server happens to go down, the files will still be available on another servier. Eventually, Dotcom plans to have a network hosted by thousands of different entities on thousands of different servers around the world.


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It would be a mistake to believe

that kim.com is a poster boy for internet freedom.
He has a dishonest criminal past, and most likely, a dishonest criminal future. He is only out for #1, and panders to the publicity.

Take a

quick look at this clip. At 1:45 the discussion covers kim.com with great insight. You may find that the truth about him is the opposite of what you've stated.


He seems to be more of a freedom fighter than a criminal. More accurately, he's been the victim of a US Justice Dept. witch hunt catering to the corporate interest of the entertainment industry. His story is one worth discovering.


is his dishonest or criminal past? It seems this belief only supports the agenda of the thug authorities that forced him down.

BUMP for Freedom-Sharing!


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Interesting but hey!

Right now it seems that our emails and data we have saved are not our intellectual property. Yet we pay for the use of the internet already. What happened to the right to privacy in all of our persons, papers, and effects? When I access an old email I get this box that comes up that chides me for having over 5,000 emails. However, that warning is so slow and inefficient, I've usually already retrieved it by then. So who/what is the slow one? Their little cloud box is the goof. I assume that cyberspace is unlimited anyway.
Saw a cspan where it was discussed: the economy is divided up into 18 parts. "We" the so called US govt. have cooperation (file sharing) in about 7 industries. "What we are doing is accumulating knowledge. We're building knowledge".
I'd be really careful sharing my intellectual property with just any of these cloud people, given the predatory nature of the robber barons The business concern discussed may be one of the good guys who won't share.

You can share on the cloud safely

I hear ya about being careful sharing any IP on the cloud. Just letting those know that if you do decide to backup or upload things on the cloud, just make sure you encrypt it with AES-256. NSA has classified it as safe for top secret, which means they believe that even the best hackers can't break it (Russia, China etc). The NSA themselves probably can't break it either.