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Liberty Candidates Gary Supports

Please help me understand as I can't find anyone other than Joe Ruiz. I am sure I am missing something very important.

If the fight is for liberty and, if President, Gary Johnson will reach out to build coalitions in Congress...will he reach out to Republicans and Democrats who agree with him on "some" issues?

I've seen some people who I consider Liberty Candidates and strong voices on some issues before Congress attacked because they are Republicans. Is that just Gary supporters on this blog or does that represent Gary Johnson?

I guess I am stupid. Does the next four years if I am a GJ supporter mean that I should be against any Republican or Democrat because of the parties they represent and the chaos those parties have helped create?

If someone is a Libertarian Candidate, does that mean they will represent my beliefs and I should only vote for them. I just would like to be directed to speeches and videos where Gary Johnson says who he approves of. I am truly not being contentious...I am concerned about the next four years and do not want to be sequestered into a corner with no voice...for one person and against everyone else.

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Candidates endorsed by Johnson


The site states: "An application for endorsement by the Gary Johnson/Jim Gray campaign is available here. Please note: Candidates making a request for endorsement a) affirm that they have the nomination of the Libertarian Party for the jurisdiction in which they are seeking election or b) if not running as a Libertarian identified candidate (eg: without affiliation, or with another party) that they are conducting a campaign substantially in alignment with the Libertarian Party Platform and basic Principles of the Libertarian Party and c) they are not running against a Libertarian candidate." Although a candidate need not be running as a Libertarian, a spot check of candidates turned up no Republicans or Democrats whom were endorsed ~ but, admittedly, it's a long list.

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Hi fonta

To me, a liberty candidate is endorsed by Ron Paul. I don't know how many Democrats he's endorsed. I think what is important is restoring the republic, so constitutional government is important, and I think some states are more are less constitutional with their own dynamic considerations where differences and local shenannigans play undetermined roles.

IF you are a GJ supporter, you will spend the next four years discussing 911, chemtrails or lack of, infowars, survival, apocolypse, what you hate, and slaying trolls on DP.

Actually Granger...

...my question had nothing to do with Ron Paul. I sincerely want to know who in Congress and running for office Gary Johnson supports or believes in.

We all know that either of the "two" will win in November. I want to know from Gary's supporters who "he" believes in, who he would endorse. It is important to me to know if he is willing to cross party lines and support candidates who will stand with him on some issues. If not, then I assume only a Libertarian or Independent could win his support. And, their defense would be primarily that they are neither Democrat or Republican.

I do not know what the next four years will bring; however, Gary supporters say they will stand with him for the next four years. I want to better understand what that will "look" like.

My question is about Gary...I would like answers without making it a Ron Paul purist or Republican/Gary Johnson question. The voice of almost complete silence here leads me to believe that my question is not valid to most ... not a question anyone else would like answered. Makes me think I live in a different world from everyone on the DP, Many have left for the same reason.


I think

You question is valid, but either beyond the ability of some hee to comprehend, like me, or they have no answer. They don't know. I don't know. It's a good question. I think many move on when the election ends, and it ended with the RNC.


For colorado 3rd congressional district and the 5 candidates Ron Paul Endorsed...


Thank You Bazza

....for responding to my question. Ron Paul has endorsed many...are you referring to the five candidates in Maine?


Not sure fonta,

seen it on a post here recently.they where 3 incumbants and two newbies,1 veteran.Not that i can vote being from Australia but been following TISHA for months on Face book...


Tisha Is A Breath

...of fresh air. I also like her very much.


One Other Question

Gary has wisely said, "vote for who you believe in." It was because of that statement that I was wanting to know who he believed in.

Could you direct me to any speech or blog where Gary has defined, from his perspective, a "Liberty" candidate? If you would, I could then assume that he supports anyone who fits that bill.


Stupid Question

...I guess.


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naaah, more like. . . intriguing question


Guess Only You

...were intrigued.