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The Case Against Socialism

Positive Energy – Love, Freedom, and Liberty
Positive energy individuals allow others the freedom to make their own choices. The USA was founded on the principal of free choice of the individual, provided those choices did no harm to another person, or their property, or the planet. Everyone is allowed freedom of choice and the individual must be responsible for the consequences that follow those choices.

The only penalties in this kind of system come in restraining those who do HARM by their choices. People are meant to make choices, learn from their choices, and then try again for better results. In this system you take care of yourself and your own needs. There are no handouts.

Negative Energy – Fear, Power and Control Over Others
Negative energy individuals feel it is their right to control others. In fact they get ENERGIZED by creating FEAR in others. For example a rapist gets lots of energy from his brutal act, and seeks more energy by repeating the aggression. The Taliban, communist nations, Nazism, Fascism, are more examples of power control people. They rule by creating FEAR in people. Negative energy people feel entitled to force others to serve them and their belief system. The consequences for not following the belief system can be death, as happened in Hitler Germany if you did not perfectly fit their idea of someone worthy to live. Being old or disabled is not being worthy to live. The Taliban shoot those who speak out for a belief other than what THEY teach.

Socialism starts out benevolently but it leads to communism. It reduces everyone to the same level of subsistence poverty. Remember feudal Britain and Europe? Our ancestors came to North America to start again FREE of that enslavement and taxation system implemented by the ruling class. Brutality, power, control is a dark thread throughout history from the pharaohs to the present day communist nations, where people live in FEAR of having a wrong look on their face that might be interpreted as speaking against the government. In this system even thought and speech are controlled.

These two types of ENERGY are at the opposite ends of a dipole. Most people fall somewhere between the two extremes. Hitler was one extreme of negative controlling energy. Jesus was the other extreme of loving compassionate energy that allowed others choices and did not judge. There are basically two opposite paths back to God, the positive-love energy path and the negative-fear energy path.

The negative path is dark because it does not seek the light of God. It places its own wisdom above the wisdom that comes from seeking God's light and guidance within. God allows free choice and the dark path is allowed. The Earth is a free choice planet.

There are forces in the present world that wish to reduce the entire planet to a fascist negative energy system with the masses treated like a herd of cattle in an industrial complex, all headed for the slaughter as they lose their “usefulness” as workers and providers for the negative energy, power-control, elite of the world.

Those who are choosing socialism would be wise to look at the larger picture of where the “freebies and gifts” are leading. There are many negative entities who actually want to make the world exactly like Hitler Germany. Take a look at some of the death panels being established in Britain and the USA to determine WHO is worthy to live. Take a look at those clauses already in Obamacare.

Now I guess this is preaching to the choir, because everyone here knows this stuff, and we will never give in to loss of freedom. This post is just on the off chance others who need to know might read it and not vote for the nanny state that leads to communism, and a brutal system our ancestors came here to escape.
Yours in Liberty

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When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Thank you.

Watching this great video now and agree with what I have seen so far.

Obama's links to communism and his executive orders are furthering the cause of grinding down America to a fascist communist state. He is also a central figure in promoting the agenda globally.


What we have is fascism. You even use the term correctly in the article. "Socialism" actually makes a lot of people feel warm and fuzzy inside, it sounds so... social. I, like many humans, do not really object to helping those who are down on their luck. I object STRENUOUSLY to having my food controlled by Monsanto, my housing controlled by banksters, and my liberty voted away by other people who insist on being citizens of a Dumbocracy.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I also don't object to helping the downtrodden...

provided that help comes from a well-equipped private charity instead of government coercion.

I don't play, I commission the league.

How about from you?

"Well equipped private charity?" That is still shirking personal responsibility. Is there no "down trodden" in your community? If individuals would step up and help neighbors rather than fear them and call Janet if you see something....
I can't do much for my neighbors, but I give what I can when I can. No "well equipped private charity" gets to skim off the top. (How did that charity get "well-equipped?" Probably using donated money that was intended to go to the downtrodden.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


can be well-equipped private charity too. I didn't say "organization." You don't need an organization to have private charity.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I do not mind helping anyone

who is down on their luck, but that is not socialism.

Obamacare is socialism, and that is a different ballgame. You HAVE to pay the government insurance-pharmaceutical premium to get care. You have NO CHOICE.

Obamacare is just another TAX on the people disguised as benevolence and caring on the part of government. It is a way to make people dependent on BIG government and eventually leads to communism. Of course communism is the goal; state owned everything and a non thinking work force that does what it is told out of FEAR and insecurity. Not the bold, brave Americans we have known!