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What happens 4 years after an RP supporter gains office...

I'll be omitting the name of the.... attorney. Not due to innocence, due to attorneyness.
Here was my plea, to a former ally "in the trenches" back in 2007-08. He now holds some seat in the State government.

"Can you recommend an attorney?

audio from dispatch to police:

heavily redacted police footage from raid:

These folks are friends of mine, and need a good attorney. I know you
are pretty far away, but you are the only one I could think of. If you think you might be able to take the case, please contact Marcela - her email is in the CC. If you don't feel you can, do you know anyone they might get good representation from in the Gem County area (or anywhere in Idaho?)


The reply:
I'm assuming you're asking me, personally, whether I know of any attorneys that can deal with police overreach.
It would sure be nice if there were more attorneys willing to step up to assure your friends have a fair shot at a cause of action.
I'm sorry, I don't know of anyone that can help them."

I understand, there are political races to be won, can't have an albatross like "individual liberty" weighing you down while you wheel and deal for liberty and justice for all.

I should have known better - this is one of the SOBs who agreed to let Jim Risch not announce the RP delegation.


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