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Italy court convicts Silvio Berlusconi of tax evasion, sentenced to four years jail

AP | October 27, 2012

In Italy, cases must pass two levels of appeal before the verdicts are final. Berlusconi is expected to appeal.

The conviction was the media mogul's first; other criminal probes and trials had ended in acquittal or were thrown out for statute of limitations.

Earlier in the week, Berlusconi had announced he wouldn't run for a fourth term. The 76-year-old media mogul wasn't in the courtroom for the verdict on the case stemming from dealings in his Mediaset business empire.

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Don't get me wrong, he was a

Don't get me wrong, he was a bad prime minister, but Berlusconi was democratically elected. The EU chose to get rid of him when he started disagreeing with them. Same with Papandreou in Greece.

The current PM, Mario Monti, who was appointed by the EU as Prime Minister and Senator for Life, is a former EU bureaucrat who has never held any elected office prior to this. No one in his cabinet has ever held any elected office. He is a puppet leader and Italy is now a puppet state and a dictatorship.

He served as an unelected EU Commissioner from 1995-2004, was an unelected member of Sarkozy's "The Commission for the Liberation of the French Economic Growth", was formerly the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, was a founding member of the Spinelli Group (a European federalist organisation) and was a former leading member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.

Maybe we can get Italy to monitor our elections.

Although 4 years is hardly "justice" considering what the man did. Still it is nice to see they are under so much pressure they had to toss us a biscuit and Berlusconi under the bus.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.