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Peter Schiff: Gold to $5,000 in Two Years - CNBC's Futures Rundown 10/25/2012

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About gold over $5,000/oz...

Interesting, thanks for this.

Coincidentally, I've recently posted about gold over $5,000/oz, citing a (possibly) different source :


And this is another pretty interesting bit of retrospective info, too, IMO :


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I wonder where the actual

I wonder where the actual "cliff" is. If it has anything to do with the price of gold.

Just spend an afternoon

Just spend an afternoon looking at prices in gold.

See if you can spot the a cliff. Or a likely cliff.

Looking at the Dow priced in gold, for example. If 1929 and 1980 are any indication then the worst is yet to come.

When the stupid government and cronies are in charge of an economy then a stupid piece of yellow metal outperforms managed trade and markets.

Look at copper and silver? Which one looks undervalued based on prices since 1900.

As an engineer investigating economics I realized that using Federal Reserve Motes was hopeless. The currency was elastic by law. It would be like making the fabrication shop use rubber rulers to build a machine.

No measuring stick is perfect, but for measuring value over the centuries gold and silver have been proven effective in spite of their imperfections.

The Golden Ruler is a workable measure of economic performance.

Free includes debt-free!

So according to this chart,

So according to this chart, the cliff is when the DJIA is close to 100 or so.

What is the connection between the DJIA, the federal debt, and FRNs?