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Gold Backed Liberty Dollar Creator-The "Rosa Parks of the Dollar" Awaits Sentencing

Bernard Von Nothaus, who was convicted of counterfeiting for minting and circulating coins of gold and silver that competed with the US dollar, is awaiting sentencing a year and a half since his conviction.

Mr. Von Nothaus has also been branded as a domestic terrorist.

Two papers cover his story.

From the NY Sun

From the NY Times

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Anyone wanting to write to Judge Voorhees can do so here:


It's the federal reserve that

It's the federal reserve that is guilty of counterfeiting,not Von Nauthouse.

The difference is

the fed has legal sanction to print.
Just as the IRS has legal sanction to take your money so its not considered theft

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but aren't we told that gold

but aren't we told that gold isn't money?

conviction details

From what I understand, his conviction wasn't based on creation of a currency but due to his currency looking very similar to USD currency, which it did.

I haven't gone to those links so there might be more to it. And the underlying reasons they prosecuted him may have included the perceived threat that someone could create a national competing currency at all, ie: why the Bitcoin founder hid his identity. The FBI doesn't seem to have a problem with local currencies.

Yes and the currency and coins were called Liberty DOLLARS

Mints can issue coins and also certificates that represent a certain amount of gold or silver.

Vonhaus' mistake was he denominated his coins and currency in "dollars"

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I guess

that's why some other sources call them gold medallions.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

This was considered counterfeiting

It is clear however that no one would mistake the Liberty certificates or coins for US dollars. The real issue was they were being used as "money" and money that was not losing value as it was backed by or was itself precious metal.

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The issue wasn't that people would mistake them for other known

U.S. coins, the issue was that they looked sufficiently similar to U.S. coins designs, that people would mistakenly think they were issued by the government.

The design he used was INTENTIONAL so that people would be more "comfortable" accepting them.

The intent was to get people to accept them, AS IF they were officially issued coins.

That's where he screwed up.

Had he never put a denominatin on them, and had he used significantly different designs, and had he not counseled people to behave as if they were the "same" as official coins, then he would not have been convicted.

Correct-there are other silver rounds

that have buffalo heads, the words liberty and other US styles BUT they do not say 5 dollars on them. They generally say .999 fine one oz silver so no one would mistake them for competing currency.

On a seperate note why are the US gold one ounce coins marked $50 and the one ounce coins marked one dollar when they are worth $1800 and $35 dollars?

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They aren't worth $1800 and $35.

They are worth $35 and $1.29 respectively.

Do you understand why I would say that and use those numbers?

the 1.29 yes, but not the

the 1.29 yes, but not the 35
i was think more like 20 :V

I stand corrected, actually it is $42.22

Though the last coins minted were at a $20.67 value I believe.

The official price in law is $42.22 to the gold ounce and $1.29 for the silver ounce.

As to why the coins have other denominations on them, one can only speculate. Since Dr. Paul was the one who pushed the bill, I would talk to him about it.

I think though it had something to do with current Au/Ag ratios.

Right now it's at 53.59, which puts a value of $69.13 on the gold ounce. If the ratio were close to 38.76 in 1986 when the initial law was passed, then that would equate to a $50 face value.

Where Is He?

He'd be wise to be awaiting sentencing someplace like Brazil or Ecuador. He could then hopefully return in 2017 after receiving a Ron Paul presidential pardon.

and put him in charge of the Federal Reserve or

the Treasury department!+-+

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Bernard von NotHaus is a hero to the cause of Liberty.

It was an honor to conduct an interview with him shortly after his conviction. It goes into far greater detail than these articles did. If you're interested, you can read it here:


Thanks Scott

This a great interview and readers can see representation of the Liberty Dollar in coin and warehouse receipt form.

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Glad you liked it, Paulreal.

If you or anyone else wants to write to Judge Voorhees before he sentences BVNH, you can do so here: