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The Threat is Real

We are a threat, and the reason is that we have not only worked hard, but have taken the time to meet and connect with thousands of individuals across Colorado’s third congressional district and beyond(http://casida2012.com/liberty-2/our-outreach-reach-thanks-to...). We have raised more than any independent or third-party candidate to date, and with that we have accomplished so much. And we win people, we win people because we are real, because we actually care, and because we are willing to listen.

Scott Tipton (R), who I am running against brought Speaker of the House John Boehner to town for a fundraiser – with just 15 days left until the election and around $2 million in the bank. Why is this so? This is in the same town where he could not find two hours in his schedule for a debate at Fort Lewis College (his alma mater). He can find several hours to hob-nob with the elite, but can’t reach out to his community and the upcoming generation?

The new constitutional voting index (John Birch Society) shows Tipton slipping to his lowest six-month voting record showing yet , at a 70% (a percentage that is not very constitutional or conservative), by voting in the following way:

- #35: (Voted against) encouraging a withdrawal in Afghanistan by reducing funding

- #39: Voted for more FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) funding and the warrantless searches that are conducted by this organization (intrusion of the 4th Amendment)

- #40: Voted to continue funding the federal budget in the red until March 27, 2013 (no talk of how we will continue to fund the obligations of the federal government, and no talk of monetary or drastic changes in fiscal policy to address the erosion of American’s money and wealth)

You see, Scott Tipon is a republican in name only, and what does the Republican party really stand for anymore anyway? It is certainly not small government or constitutional government. It is certainly not for small businesses.

I have been endorsed by the Blue Republican movement (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/blue-republican-...), which stands for both conservative and liberal principles that most all Americans can believe in.

Sound money, equal opportunity, fair elections, protecting our natural, individual liberties, and constitutional government.

It is time to get rid of the corrupt and crony politicians, and elect statesman, representatives who are willing to term limit themselves and move back into the community that they create laws for.

Originally posted at: http://casida2012.com/liberty-2/the-threat-is-real/

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I've already voted for you.


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for Contributions. We will keep winning - focus locally.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Focus Locally

We can absolutely win and do very well if we focus on LOCAL RACES - all over the country. Thank you, thank you.

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

I kicked her 17.76

At this point she is doing more than I am. The least I can do is pay for a few gallons of gas for her...

Thank you!

Every bit adds up, and we depend on people like you to help fuel what we are doing!

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

Come on folks

Donate to this woman! She is one of the few willing to put "boots on the ground" for the liberty movement. And it's people like her that plant the seeds for future generations. And let's face it, once you wake up or take the red pill whatever, you never go back.

Just donated from California...

And BTW, love the Blue Republican movement....thank you Robin!

Awesome and thank you for caring about Liberty!

Congress belongs to all of us. BTW the whole country is rooting, donating and supporting your cause of Prop 37 to label GMO's. Keep spreading the word.

Thank you and <3 to the BR movement

We appreciate your contribution to our cause, and second that - Robin's work and writings are very good things for the hearts of many people.

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

Washington had it right

NO PARTY and a warning in his farewell speech about forming such.
Since then its been the intellectual battle of forming groups that sit around tables or on-line and talk about how smart and cool we think we are. Yes, someone must lead the masses and I get that. Balance is impossible to reach without a table full of discussion from all sides but collectives generally don't allow for opposing views. The Constitution is the ultimate compromise document to help us achieve direction and a solid document to base our decisions. When followed, the Constitution checks and balances of power creates compromise and results that balance the power of the special interests. So Tisha Casida is actually standing up for Liberty 'in-person' and she is actionable and courageous for doing so. Who else is out there 'in-person'? Very few, so support courage and Liberty and vote Casida and if you cant vote in Colorado, donate to her and others who walk the talk. We need more like her!

Big Bitter Pill

I'm speaking with Judge Jim Gray on Monday at CMU

I have the opportunity to speak before Libertarian VP Candidate Judge Jim Gray on Monday at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) - this should be a great opportunity to reach out to students with our message. If you are in Colorado and can make it, we would love to have you! And, if you want to help us reach even more people at college campuses, universities, and beyond, please consider a contribution - EVERY bit adds up and makes a huge difference for us (https://casida2012.com/donate/).

Here is the link with more details: http://casida2012.com/next-generation/casida-speaking-with-v...

In Liberty,


Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

Tisha Casida 2012 over

Tisha Casida 2012 over Obamney republicans!

Ron Paul 2016

I hope that everyone here

I hope that everyone here will join with me in saying how proud we are of you and of what you are doing.

I appreciate your herculean effort and the fact that with only thousands of dollars in your coffers, you have done more for Liberty than both of your opponents who have millions in theirs. I am proud to say that I wholeheartedly endorse Tisha Casida and that it would be an honor to call Tisha a friend. What you are doing in Colorado is a great thing, and win or lose (hopefully WIN!), I hope you will continue to fight for all of us.

THANK YOU - people like you make this possible

We are so grateful to communities like this that support our message and make it possible for us to reach people via FRNs and reaching out to others. It means everything to our cause. And our good fight is never over. So we will continue, for many decades to come.

In Liberty,


Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com

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In response to comment http://www.dailypaul.com/260449/the-threat-is-real#comment-2... below - entitled "Blue Republicans"...

Your negative claim about Blue Republicans is not accurate.

On regulation, please see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/jon-stewarts-lib...

Regarding your point on the religious right, we agree entirely: please see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/the-three-politi...

Also, any friend of the Blue Republican facebook page will see very clearly concern with stifling regulation etc.

Moreover, there are many thousands of people who identify as or otherwise support "Blue Republicans"... and they have a wide range of pro-liberty views, which cannot be painted with a single, broad brush.

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... and for the record, I am absolutely, most definitely, and without qualification, NOT a collectivist, nor is that an idea that I would ever promote.


as soon as you understand that individual liberties come from private property and one cannot expect individual freedom of speech from a collective/public printing press or radio station, you can drop that "blue" thingy....

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If you drop the "blue" thingy,

.. then you are left with the "Republican" thingy - and I'd put the record of the "Blue Republicans" up against the "Republicans" on Liberty any day of the week.

Moreover, the purpose of "Blue Republican" was a political marketing purpose. It enables people to feel comfortable moving from a Liberal position to a liberty-oriented one and to enter a party that they often have spent a lifetime voting against. These are people who don't want to be lumped with all the partisan (and non-liberty oriented, often moralistic, and often hypocritical) Republicans whose beliefs are even less liberty-oriented than their own. To those people "Republican" without a qualifier is not a brand they find very attractive. The entire success of the movement has derived from the fact that it has a new name : not "libertarian" and not "Republican". Unfortunately, people respond first to labels.

If the Republican party was more like the Blue Republican movement - there would be more liberty in this country: not the other way around.

That said, when the Republican party is truly a liberty party and has a chance of winning, the Blue Republican effort and meme will be redundant, and I am working for that day.


Thanks, I didn't know I was Blue Republican until now. Loved your article: "Jon Stewart's Liberal Challenge to Ron Paul".

I used to be Republican when it was still Republican and I became very independent after the first George Bush. I came back as a Blue Republican, voted Ron Paul two days ago, and now I'm independent again.

For the first time in my life I'm proud to say that I didn't vote for one Republican or Democrat (besides Paul) and will only vote for independent candidates for the foreseeable future.

Independent - No Party

I think you are onto something here. Parties are always collectives - and collective "rights" ALWAYS begin to erode the rights of the INDIVIDUAL (Michael Badnarik is great at explaining this). It is just the nature of collectives. We continue to learn the landscape (it is different in every part of the country), but right now I think it is really important for people to embrace their individuality and be independent in their thinking - including when it comes to who to vote for - for any office. We MUST protect the individual rights and property rights of the individual - and to do this, cannot rely on any party to do that effectively.

Candidate for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District - www.Casida2014.com
Imagine That! -->> www.ImagineThat911.com
That's Natural! -->> www.ThatsNatural.info
Rebellion! -->> www.PartyDumper.com


And good luck to you in your race.

Tisha can and will make a HUGE difference in Congress!

She needs as much help as she can get. Here is a letter I wrote to the editor of all the papers in our district and hopefully will reach many people to donate money to her cause and also get the vote out! www.casida2012.com/donate Thanks Liberty lovers!

"It is time we take a stand and take back our Congress. Presidential politics are one thing, but those whom we choose to represent us in our own districts will make the most impact on our local communities and our individual freedoms. This is why I am so encouraged to find an Independent woman running for Congress in our own District three, Tisha Casida. I'm so tired of the major party candidates who are funded and controlled by their parties and find it refreshing that an Independent can actually represent We the People. I traveled to Grand Junction this summer to be present at the debate between all of the Congressional candidates for our district and the Democrat and Republican candidates attacked and blamed each other, right along party lines never addressing actual taproots of the problems, while Tisha Casida spoke of the important issues of sound money, the economy and a Constitutional Federal Government and more.

Sick of Congress? Then do something about it! Vote for an Independent Woman running for Congress in our District 3 - Tisha Casida. Tisha is standing up for our individual, natural rights and understands and protects the Constitution, including States' Rights. She is the ONLY candidate agreeing to term limits, and will protect our property rights and food freedom. Vote for Tisha and visit www.casida2012.com to join us and learn more!"

For Liberty!

Threat...you bet!

I have seen this Liberty Woman in action at the first debate with the two 'next in line' establishment candidates. Most of the 300 people in the room kept saying, "this is it? the best my party can do for a candidate?" Both R & D candidates are weak and Tisha wins the voters who hear her speak! This room full of R & D supporters who came to see their candidate were surprised to listen to Tisha and before it was over, she raised eyebrows and won over many in that room. Party establishment supporters were really confused and not expecting the smart and Liberty speaking Casida and it was so fun to watch the bewildered looks as they left the room. I guess it had been a while since they used their brains and witnessed someone who actually cares and walks the talk. She is a real threat for sure because she wins both sides. Keep going Tisha! More and more are waking up thanks to your message of Liberty! Why not throw her some reserve notes! People, if you can DONATE it helps candidates like Tisha who demonstrate the courage to stand up for us.
DONATE HERE: https://casida2012.com/donate/

Big Bitter Pill

Yes donate!

Thank you Tisha for giving us a voice. You speak for the many of us who understand what is going on and wish to bring reason, decency and individual liberty back into the picture. You have many friends among us.
Best of luck!

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."


we Are the Threat!

Thank you for your generous contribution.

Please spread Tisha's campaign and message to your family, friends and peers.

Together, we will make a difference.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Blue Republicans

are collectivists who came to support Ron Paul, because Obama did not do more to stop wars. Blue Republicans do care about others: children of others, future generations, country... What they do NOT care is fighting for private property to be free from regulations and taxes regardless whom it belongs to - to small business, to big business, to Rothschilds.

people like you are no

people like you are no different then the people who drive ron paul republicans out of the gop!

Ron Paul 2016

yet only by reaching out to these allies

... can the liberty movement advance. We have reached quite a few Republicans ... that was the easy part. Now we gotta reach this slightly-less-brainwashed variety of collectivist Democrat without compromising principles of liberty, markets free from cartels, sound money, true conservatism via dramatic reduction in military spending, and other crucial issues. How do we reach out to these folks? How best to crack the door to their closed minds?

Going in opposite direction as you suggest

By attacking religious right as collectivist movement willing to sacrifice individual liberty for their collectivist dogma, same as progressives. By removing religious from political right (they occupy by mistake) and placing ourselves there, we can be seen as a solid clear cut political alternative.

Thank you Tisha

I will post this on Twitter to educate folks.

Patriots help elect Tisha to Congress donate to her campaign here:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15