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"Fictional" Nafta Highway somehow making news again..and we're the kooks?

On my way to drop off the kiddo at daycare this morning I heard a news story about a meeting in Texarkana about the "proposed corridor highway"...which I believe is a dumb way of saying..."Move on folks, it's just a 1200 foot wide highway built and owned by Spaniards and fought for by JulieAnnie, and just because it happens to go from Mexico to Canada...well that's just coincidence." JMHO

Here's an article I found, wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but the second article on the page explains how they are going to somehow use podcast to put out Pro-Toll Way Propaganda. And we're the Kooks for believing this?.. Americans have become dumbed down by television and the Department of Education.


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Yeah...we're crazy. It's not like the project is a reality...

...or anything like that. Like with a board of directors, a website, and actual plans in progress...