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Embassy attack story...anyone know about this?

I received an email with the following tale...the sender is a church-going, Glen Beck-loving, FOX news-watching zombie...:

"The father of one of the Navy seals who was killed was not going to say anything; however, when he found out the truth as emails and info came on T.V., he said he had to. His son and another Navy Seal asked the White House for permission to go help out the embassy in Benghazi during the attack, and he was told to "stand down"! He and another seal were a mile away, so they went in anyway. They were killed along with the other two people. The White House had received information and real life information during the attack and turned down requests for help from the Ambassador for almost 7 hrs. They refused to send anyone to help them out. That is why they were killed. This father is so irate that our President didn't stand by our embassy that he decided to come forward. It has been all over conservative radio and on Fox, but not on CBS, NBC, ABC or MSNBC. They can't keep it quiet, though. It will come out!"

Now, the FIRST lie was that it was because of the anti-Muslim video on YouTube...then, it was al Qaida...I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this story...anyone with insight please explain the story up until now for me...I need to rebut this crap. The author of this email believes the official 9/11 story too! Give me the facts so that I can bury them in truth!

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Sad that Fox News is the best source available

Here is a little coverage on ABC:


There is also Obama's denial that he new anything:


I'm afraid I don't know enough to help you rebut anything, I can't even figure out for sure what the government is trying to claim (other than ignorance) at the moment.

Going by past involvments in the Middle East

the chances are that Mr Stevens and other US personal were collateral damage so that, a)the US can keep it's boot on Libya throat, and b) that Dick Chaney's pet company, Blackwater, Ze (or whatever it is called now) can get Billions of tax payer dollars to build and protect a "green zone" in Libya.
I know that this is speculation but it has happened before.
Keep an eye open for who is awarded contracts to "rebuild" in Libya.
Also keep in mind that the war on terror is a tax payer funded war for personal profit, and that these people don't give a toss for the senseless waste of life.

Exactly, just as our military

Exactly, just as our military was told to stand down on 9/11, by Cheney. Why oh why did Fox not find that unacceptable? The elephant in the room here is our interventionist foreign policy. No one in the media will adress that.

Today on the DP I found

"The Grinding Down of America". Please take the time to watch this amazing, eye opening film. In it you will find your answers. And the question, "why didn't I see this coming?".