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GJ and GMO, is there a connection?

I was looking into GJ's campaign contributors and saw that Whole foods donated to his campaign.


Is GJ ok with GMOs?

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Whole foods isn't evil

They are david vs Golaith. They have been infiltrated at the corpoate level, but they do have healthy food and they're shoppers LOOK for GMOs.

The have more "Non-GMO" foods than any other store. Don't kill the silver goose for not being golden...

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The question I'm still trying to figure out is

What is the negative connotation between Whole Foods and GMOs? From their website, it seems like they want labeling of GMO foods. What am I missing?

They say they do not sell

They say they do not sell foods with artificial ingredients, but they sell foods with GMOs.

Ok, I get it.

Sort of a mixed bag, then. They do want the stuff labeled, but they're taking the position (by selling it) that it isn't artificial.


You condemn someone because of who donated? If you don't want to support Gary, then don't. Stop acting like the gop and the lame stream media!

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I didnt condemn, I just asked

I didnt condemn, I just asked for more information.

Take a pill.

Seriously? RP took a donation

Seriously? RP took a donation from a white supremacist, does that mean he condones racism? C'mon.

If you read Whole Foods' website

"Where does Whole Foods Market stand on California’s upcoming ballot initiative, Proposition 37?

Whole Foods Market supports Prop 37 because we have long believed our customers have the right to know how their food is produced. We hope the passing of the proposition could lead to one federal standard for labeling GMOs, similar to how the National Organic Standards were formed. One set of rules and uniform support of a consumer's right to know would be in everyone's best interests."


Not sure how this implies that Gary Johnson is "ok with GMOs". More likely, Whole Food's employees (who are actually the ones making the contributions) like his marijuana legalization stance, though that is just speculation.

I see. When I saw that it was

I see.

When I saw that it was a flat 5k donation, I thought it was the company who donated, not individual employees.

I cant find anything where he has definitively spoken a stand pro or con.

I wasn't expecting to find it, but

he did make a statement about labeling:

"While I generally resist the idea of government mandates, public safety is a legitimate government function. For many people, certain food ingredients can do serious harm, and knowing what is in food is absolutely essential. For example, I have celiac disease, and absent adequate labeling, I cannot risk eating foods that may have gluten. For millions of Americans in similar situations, knowing what we are eating is not a matter of preference or convenience; rather, it is an issue of basic safety."


Oddly, the ProCon website says his statement is not clearly pro or con. It seems pro-labeling to me. Maybe it was the fact that he spoke of ingredients in general and not GMOs specifically that made them say it wasn't clear.

thank you

thank you