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Moment of Silence for Alfred the Great

Passed away today in 899.

King of the West Saxons/Wessex 871-899

I have a feeling many of you know of his contributions to the world as we know it today.

I will have a toast in honor of him.

Thanks Alfred ...well done...you will not be forgotten !!

Cheers to Alfred !!!,

Alfred the King of the Anglo-Saxons, the son of the most pious King Ethelwulf, the famous, the warlike, the victorious, the careful provider for the widow, the helpless, the orphan and the poor, the most skilled of Saxon poets, most dear to his own nation, courteous to all, most liberal, endowed with prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance; most patient in the infirmity from which he continually suffered; the most discerning investigator in executing justice, most watchful and devout in the service of God."

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Thoughtful post, I suppose...

Thoughtful post, I suppose... I didn't know about Alfred The Great.

How ironical ...

and look at WHO was BORN on an October 26th...


My browser's scroll bar scared the HECK out of me.


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oh brother lol

I did know that. Alfred's birthday is not known or I have not found it but it was in 849.

All the more reason to celebrate the accomplishments and life of Alfred :D


One Up Vote?

No wonder things are out of control as they are.

Alfred must be rolling over in his grave. :O

To do what he did and helped laid the foundations to a large degree to what people enjoy today.

BTW for the interest of the one person who upvoted this ....Oct. 28 is here in 2 days ...hopefully there will be a better response, if not I would not really be that surprised but the 'fat lady' is reaching out for the microphone.

Cheers...hopefully lol