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Ralph Nader to Host Presidential Debate - November 4

Link: http://nader.org/2012/10/25/ralph-nader-to-host-third-party-...
Link: http://www.livestream.com/fstv1

Date: November 4th from 7:30-9:30 PM

Place: Busboys and Poets restaurant, Washington, DC

All four major third party candidates invited,including the two who won't be in the next Free and Equal debate, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson.

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Free and Equal is a joke ...

I am still disgusted with free and equal dropping the format down to the 2 candidates that got the most clicks on their lame poll. Surprise, this years Libertarian Party guy got the most 8 year olds willing to spend 48 hours logging onto the same poll over and over.
Free and Equal should have let the 4 debate. Hats off to Nader for extending them all an invite. One does not get a lot of outside interest by having a debate between two washed up hippies who spend an hour agreeing with each other that the most important issue we need to address today is the legalization of pot.
By the way I just voted absentee for Johnson. Personally, I would rather have voted for Goode but he wasn't able to jump the hoops to get ballot access in my state. I doubt absentee ballots are even counted but I am certain that absentee write ins aren't.
Again a big hat tip to Ralph Nader for staying real.

I'm very lucky then...

Goode is on my ballot!

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

Wow all the fighting...

over Goode,so a guess some people agree more with the socialists.I see that the drug war is liberty movements gay marriage,we are one issue voters.Yes I know he voted for some bad things in congress but he has changed lets base it on the here and now not the past.Lets all just get along and not insult each other.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

goode said it, He is not my

goode said it, He is not my candidate and millions of freedom and liberty loving american voters across this country. I am glad he did!

Ron Paul 2016

my last point on goode, he

my last point on goode, he demanded we do not vote for him. He specifically said i am not your candidate if you want marijuana legal(sensible marijuana laws). I cannot argue with him! I agree "HE is not my candidate if i and we millions of colorado voters and u.s. voters want legal marijuana. (drug war/police state are forever married)

GARY JOHNSON 2012 Legalize Freedom

Ron Paul 2016

Thank you for the post.

Thank you for the post. Hopefully we we be able to watch live or a video. I am interested in Virgil Goode so I appreciate knowing that he will be debating again. IMO he is a poor debator, but it is his principles in which I am intersted.

It is interesting to me that RT is hosting a debate between a socialist/communist and a libertarian...and the other 2, one also being a socialist/communist, will not appear per the rules of voting on the first debate.

I wonder how many, like me, did not bother to vote for VG because he was such a poor debator?

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Was chuckie cheese booked already...?

I'm sure the bus boy restaurant will be a nice venue.

Hopefully it will be televised on 'waynes world' or other prominent network.

They should invite Paul just to give an introduction and then they could hold it at a university and have a few thousand in attendance.

Actually, I'd of thought Nader could draw a crowd on his own

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good for nader, virgil goode

good for nader, virgil goode = no point in watching, obama/romney 2012 police state/drug war 2012 approved by goode! goode is a joke on the us constitution. goode is a shame on the cp, Chuck baldwin gave the cp credibility and goode lost the credibility!

Ron Paul 2016

goode 2012 screw liberty!

ooo i got down voted:):):) i guess i better support anti-liberty goode now haha,goode 2012 screw liberty! woot woot!!! goode is a joke on the us constitution! Gary Johnson over obamney/goode 2012 police state! goode is a joke after hearing him in the debate! goode fans make ron paul purists look like born again virgins!

Ron Paul 2016

May I refer you to the Champion of Liberty Himself "Ron Paul"

Ron Paul says "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

I am also going to post my link below that I wrote because you can take any war and any injustice and compare it to the life issue and find that if human life is not held in high regard there will be drug wars and foreign wars. It is the very premise of the regard of life on which these issue rest:


ron paul is not running. Gary

ron paul is not running. Gary Johnson is far better then the anti-liberty obamney/goode and the rest of the them! Gary Johnson is the best vote , Goode already told me not to vote for him and i will remind everyone in colorado . What goode said. do not vote for me i am not your guy if you want legal marijuana and and end to the police state/drug war that goes along with endorsing this failed policy.

goode demanded we are not his candidate. I agree goode is not the candidate for me! goode threw my vote away and i will reward him and remind everyone in colorado supporting amendment 64 what he said. goode just threw away over 50% of colorado voters. win or lose, marijuana lwas are 100 dollars for 1 ounce possession ,cheaper then a speeding ticket. goode just threw away colorado!

Ron Paul 2016

I see your point

but what is the life of the unborn compared to when compared to marijauana?

I choose to be in possession rather than choose the life of the unborn?

My drinking and drug days were over in high school. Today I am able to the choose life of the unborn.

I understand the drug laws are a racket, so is abortion. I guess we have to pick our fights?

If Gary Johnson could pick life, I could pick him. He doesn't have to tell me not to vote for him. I can't.

Yup, we turn on Virgil like

Yup, we turn on Virgil like wolves, while totally ignoring the fact that two other candidates disagree with us on foreign aid, gun control, the UN and are pretty much antithetical to us on the fiscal issues.

Rocky used to spend his time calling Ron Paul a racist while Virgil was attending Ron Paul's weekly congressional luncheon and donating to his presidential campaigns.

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Wow I did know know that VG

Wow I did know know that VG gave to the RP campaign. Do you have a source?



Enter his name in the name section, you should see $500 donation to Ron Paul on the 2nd page in Q3-2007.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Thank you...I am already quoting you!

But I tried entering Goode under last name and nothing is coming up. Does it come up for you?

Yes it

Thank you, must be my low ram

Thank you, must be my low ram netbook...either that or I am blind and didn't see the First Name slot. Works now Duh, But I Appreciate the direct link!

virgil goode position is

virgil goode position is unacceptable on marijuana and the whole drug war/police state. He plainly said if i am not your candidate because of the marijuana issues . Then he is not. Virgil goode is dead in the water over this issue especially in the west and colorado.

If you folks wanna know why i am so solid on this. try having 14 fused vertebrae and being forced to take pharms over something far safer then alcohol and aspirin. Liberty Denied!!

Legalize Marijuana ,Personal or Medical ,Common Sense and Practical!

No one gives my family or anyone the right to suffer over stupidity in marijuana laws by corrupt officials! anyone supporting these illegal marijuana gov laws fed or state are terrorists to liberty and freedom and are causing millions if not billions of people to suffer across this country in the name of the us constitution and stupid anti-marijuana laws. Anyone supporting these candidates by vote or approval Are sleeping with the corruption and endorsing it.

Until someone is living with cancer or any disease or serious injuries such as 14 fused vertebrae. They do not know jack $#@!!!!

My wife will suffer for life. Goode and his half drug war is totally BS and ignorance on his part. Anyone want to argue, go get 14 fused vertebrae or cancer or any life threatening injury and then talk that goode smack bullsh#*!!! anyone endorsing this drug war in any way is either living in ignorance, brainwashed or just plain willingly putting their heads in the sand. Medical or Personal, I cannot wish what i am thinking on you. I am not that way. Just live it!

The only thing dangerous about marijuana are marijuana laws and ignorance in it by these anti marijuana, pro-police state/drug war folks. If this applies to you or anyone reading this. Then OOO WELLL! the shoe fits.

Ron Paul 2016

turned? i tried to like

turned? i tried to like goode. He is no different then the gop est. He is biggov! goode is a joke as as well rocky anderson, i give jill stein more respect even though i disagree with her. goode makes the constitution party a joke. OO i wish chuck baldwin was running again! He would give the cp credibility again! goode has 0 credibility! shame ron paul or chuck are not running or i would vote for them. Gary Johnson 2012 over obmaney/goode 2012!

Ron Paul 2016

Nader himself is obviously

Nader himself is obviously biased, but I feel like he'll be a fair moderator, I see no reason to expect otherwise.

didn't he endorse Rocky Anderson?

I am pretty sure he endorsed Rocky Anderson so that might be why he was inspired to do another debate that included his candidate.

I was under the impression

I was under the impression this debate was between Stein and Johnson, I'm pretty sure Anderson's not debating this time around.

Nader is hosting his own debate

with all four candidates. The Free and Equal Debate with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson is a a continuation of the first Free and Equal Debate.

Naders debate in on Nov. 4th: http://nader.org/2012/11/01/ralph-nader-to-host-third-party-...

Free and Equal Debate was changed from Oct 30th to Nov 5th due to the hurricane: http://freeandequal.org/?v=1

not sure how i feel about

a green party member moderating a debate which a green is participating in.

But Nader is by FAR a better choice then what MSM has been offering.


The link to Email Bomb Thread:


Help to get Ron Paul in the debate!

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

curious? a dose of reality.

curious? a dose of reality. why would ron paul include himself in a debate if he is not running? he is not! ron paul is not running for prez, so there would be no point. ron paul is not running!

please show me a link of a ron paul press release or statement where ron paul is demanding to be in a debate becuase he is running for office or wants to educate people.

I search the web and ron paul site's? i see no press release or statement of him running for president or wanting to be in the debate to educate folks. If i am wrong please show me a current link. Ron paul demanding to be in debates!

I think one of the criteria for being in the debate is to be running and be on the ballot in enough states to win! he meets none of these now.

Ron Paul 2016

Very......VERY COOL!

Do you hear us NOW GOP/RNC???

Well - you're GONNA.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Didn't Nader endorse Anderson?

How could it possibly be a fair debate?

as much as I respect Nader

I agree. It can't be a fair debate with him moderating. It really looks like he put this together to get his candidate more attention.

On the other hand, the other candidates bought into it. So, maybe they want to use Nader's name to get more attention to themselves as well. So maybe they view it as a win-win.