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Ron Paul STILL Beating Mitt Romney in Military Donations

Oct 23, 2012 | Indecision Forever

Ron Paul. He's either running the Campaign for Liberty or hatching a plan to kidnap Ben Bernanke's dog, but he's certainly no longer running for president.

Yet according to the latest FEC reports, Paul is still outpacing Mitt Romney when it comes to donations from members of the military, even though he hasn't received new contributions since the Summer. Including September's fundraising numbers, Paul has raised $399,274 from members of the armed forces, while Romney has taken in $398,450.

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We should hold a money bomb

We should hold a money bomb for RP's campaign just for fun! Everyone should buy a piece of merchandise at the same time...perhaps over the span of a week. Wouldn't that be fun!

Report is dated as of August 31st

Edit: I'm a bit confused because this report is dated for the 31st of August on the Opensecrets.org site. in the lead-up to and a few days after the RNC, so it makes sense for that time frame. Its not clear where they're getting the September numbers.

Still inspiring that he maintained the lead over Romney to the end.

Report table:

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And if you take out

And if you take out non-combat on Obama too, Paul is still beating him as well. Only by a few bucks but still.

The Dept of Defense

headed by Leon Panetta, who works for Obama, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff control the Army, Navy, & Air Force (not sure about Marines) (Coast Guard is under Homeland Security)is made up of mostly civilians who gave $176,000 to Ob, $71,000 to Rom, and $39,000 to Paul. If you take those dollars out of the "military" contributions then Ob got $360,000, Rom got $216,000, and Paul got $360,000.


Thank you for the post!Sharing!

Romney Got




Thanks for posting.

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Good stuff, except for...

"The overall leader in military donations remains Barack Obama, with $678,611 from military contributors". How is this possible?

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He has many African American supporter who happen to serve in the military. Also, he is less of a war monger than chicken hawk Romney.


Easy. Because these are

Easy. Because these are comparisons of absolute dollars. NOT total number of donors for each. Most in lowest-level rungs, combat etc. are very poor and their donation amounts are expected to be small amounts. In contrast, Pentagon bigwigs who never see any real carnage in their life [but still count in military category] can easily donate maximum allowed $2500. 1 donation from a big shot easily offsets many military donations for Ron Paul.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

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After fixing primaries & conventions, this seems pretty easy.

It's just numbers. Who knows what's real anymore?

Oh, that made me laugh!

Way to go, military! I knew I could trust your judgement!

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