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How To Use the Foreclosure Crisis To Recall Your Sheriff and Save Your Country (One County At A Time)

The foreclosure crisis may have provided us with a golden opportunity to save this country from tyranny. If you are LOSING your HOUSE you are much more willing to listen if someone offers you a way to SAVE IT.

It is exponentially easier to win a sheriff election than it is to win a presidential election. PLEASE consider this SIMPLE plan and put it into action! ANYONE can run for SHERIFF!

We MUST ACCEPT that almost nobody will stand up for their rights until the STATE tries to take them away! If someone's rights haven't been violated or they do not know what their rights are they are content to live in their illusionary box where "American the free and brave" will be around forever without their involvement.

All court documents are a matter of public record. Anyone can look through them. Many court systems have available online case searches. A liberty minded group could comb the files and get the names and addresses of all the people who are facing foreclosures and many other issues that the Sheriff SHOULD BE protecting them from.

Visit all these people on the list and tell them they can donate money for mailings or volunteer to knock on doors... gather signatures etc... the court dockets have EXPLODED in the last few years which has given us a GOLDEN opportunity to UNIFY the opposition to tyranny!

"Hello, did you know that if you had a sheriff that honored his/her oath of office this (insert STATE or BANK issue here) would not be happening to you?"

You can even get this information ONLINE in many counties!

To force a recall election all you need to do is gather enough signatures. The Ron Paul Revolution already has plenty of experience gathering signatures. We could enlist the help and support of all these people currently losing their homes or in other ways being harmed by STATE predators.

So the solution is simple: Gather the people who have a vested interest in having a sheriff who supports the constitution and thereby the rights of the people. Force a recall election - put a constitutional sheriff in office.

At that time restore common law in your county. If you don't know what common law is... basically if you feel you have been harmed you call your sheriff. Sheriff gathers a grand jury (25 people). Majority vote of the grand jury triggers a court case. Accused then has the right to a jury. The plaintiff states in what way (plain english) he/she has been harmed - can call witnesses etc... enter evidence... same for the defendant (the accused) - then the jury (of 12) decides. Plantiff needs a unanimous decision. Defendant needs just one.

The law is what you say it is: Say I have a law that pink shoes cannot be worn. The penalty is DEATH. Now I see someone wearing pink shoes. I go thru the process above. Not likely I get a conviction. Say I have another law that if I'm minding my own business and you beat the crap out of me... you have to pay my hospital bills plus spend thirty days in jail. That's my law... and the penalty I require if you break it. What are the chances of the jury convicting?

Judges are not supposed to be making the decisions. The judges only job is to enforce the court rules and protect the dignity of the court. We have consented to little mini dictatorships all across the country. The founders tried to ensure that it was the JURY (of people who might face the same fate or might be compelled to obey the same law) who judged not only the law - but the facts and sentence as well.

Common Law is Common Sense. Isn't about time we had a return to common sense in this country?

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Not a bad idea however don't

Not a bad idea however don't expect to be successful the first time. The problem is If you recall the Sheriff the sheeple will just vote him back in just like they did in the general election.

Our county just had a constitutional Sheriff run for the first time and they beat the streets, knocked on damn near every door, radio ads, signs, candidate forums etc. and he still lost against the second in command of the Sheriffs office.

Still not a bad way to gather more people and eventually you may get a majority. Also in a recall less people usually vote so that could be helpful... Might take two or three tries before people come around.

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Put a constitutional sheriff in - in two years

he could clean up all of the corruption in one county that supports the current mass indoctrination of the people. Let free media outlets do their thing... etc...

It's all up to your sheriff. If he has the support of the people he can do anything. Each county has perhaps 500,000-1,000,000 people. How free would we be if everyone age 18-35 were by default (with their consent of course) members of the sheriff's posse? All the sheriff has to do is protect the people he serves. The rewards for that are eternally better than the rewards for corruption and treason.

Tell me if you have a sheriff willing to do that... that the people he serves in the new age of twitter, CIAbook, google plus, skype, blogs, podcast, etc would not be 10x more likely to vote for him in the next constitutional, paper ballots counted in public view election?


In many counties this information from the court is available online. Then you could even do this through the mail if you're REALLY lazy. I would urge people to please consider getting active doing this soon. Regret is one of the suckiest emotions... regretting you didn't get your local community straightened out with respect to their rights - after civil unrest hits.. when knowing there was a way but no will... well... I'm betting that's probably gonna SUCK...

I know you're probably fed up with grass roots activity after the whole Presidential campaign and everything but has it occurred to you that the puppet masters PLANNED it all just to wear you out for when the time came to do something that actually WORKED?

Making Libertarians

Some libertarians are born; the rest are made by government tyranny.

That being the case, I've often thought the best thing to do to build your local list of activists and allies is to attend every hearing and meeting at which the public appear to plead their cases, such as code enforcement hearings, building and new business application hearings, etc.

It never fails that some puffed up elected officials will ruin someone's plans to start a business or live their lives in peace. Speaking up for them, and following them out to commiserate, and then getting their contact info, is a great way to collect motivated allies.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I had tried to get folks to focus on the sheriff

in their county during the primary season. Now they really have no excuse for avoiding this serious problem. If your sheriff honored his oath you would have liberty. It's much easier to replace a sheriff than it is to replace a president.

Our biggest problem has been organizing the opposition to tyranny. The local court house has already organized the opposition for you and it's all a matter of public record. It's no more inaccessible than a library book.

Walk in there and say "I want to look at all the foreclosure cases in the last few months." If they say no... then go look up the statute (which THEY have to follow) and stick it in front of them.

deacon's picture

without reading the whole post

here is a rub,maybe major,not sure,our sheriffs dp
takes money from the fed,and most are interconnected
with the state,ours here take after hour calls for the city cops
but will not interfere even when peoples rights are being violated
what i posted is fact,if they take money to operate,they are
part of it,shoot man our fire dpt has taken from dhs, for what?
i haven't been able find out
off topic,a town with 6000 people here has received fed funds to buy m-16's and accessories(yeah they have a big problem,what with most being farm land!!

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

That's why you replace the sheriff.

That's what the post is all about deacon.

We need to recall them all across the country - and we have the grass roots movement already established to get it done.


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send me an email

i will explain some things to you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence