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A known oathbreaker, a thug and a couple other exGOPers'

No one has given me a reason to vote. It's like mass hypnosis, everybody has to do it, but know one knows why?

Am I giving consent to a bankrupt government?

Am I giving consent to go deeper in debt?

Am I voting for more freebies for the individual and corporate parasites?

Am I voting for their Federal Reserve System and how banks help government skim our earnings for their take while diluting the value of the currency we hold and use for their own profits. (Technically, stolen wealth is not profit)

These are all things I will get whether I vote or not. If there is not a rational purpose, then what is the point?

Free includes debt-free!

I had to think about your

I had to think about your questions. This is what I came up with.

There's nothing in the law that specifies how you raise your kids except to provide them with basic care and an 8th grade education. Most parents go far above and beyond what's minimally required because they give a crap about that kid's subsequent success in life.

For me, voting is sort of like that. True, you don't have to cast a ballot, but then you're allowing TPTB to have a free rein and dictate how people are supposed to live per their own, twisted version of the world.

Even if Mittwit or Barry win, casting a vote for a 3rd party candidate (particularly if there's a significant percentage of ballots) sends a message to Washington, Rome and London that we're not willing to simply lie down and take whatever they dish out.