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What are you doing to make them regret what they did?

"Them", meaning people like Priebus, Romney, any cheating local party leaders, any dishonest journalists, etc. Even if you put aside personal gratification and think pragmatically, it is a pretty important question.

Repudiating all Republican party affiliation probably has the opposite effect on most of the people that have wronged you. Doing things like voting 3rd party, supporting alternative news, and educating others have a positive effect, but they can't really be said to cause any short-term regret, since they are just some of the good, but predictable consequences that the establishment already knew it would have to deal with.

What I'm curious about is what are you doing to really change the game, short-term? What are some of the things you've done that could theoretically cause them to say "UGH, maybe this is more trouble than it was worth."

Here's a great example. Watch these guys addressing both Boehner and the people who came to see him:


Now, general "protesting" obviously falls in the category of stuff that the establishment isn't too worried about, but having people go to your small public speaking engagements, respectfully citing a specific point, mentioning that they themselves are Republicans, speaking to both Boehner and the people standing right friggen next to him is exactly the kind of thing that, if you multiply it in other areas, and add other techniques to the mix, can really make someone start to feel a selfish kind of regret, at least for some part of what they've done.

Have you donated anything to http://www.GrandOldPrinciples.com to help promote this video yet?


That certainly could help do the trick. Have you submitted it for consideration to news and blog sites? I am running it, and will stop accepting donations at the end of this weekend, because it takes time to transfer money, so now would be your last chance on that front.

Are there any similiar, hopefully better campaigns you know of to help promote? I'm kind of disappointed to say I don't know of any. Also, looking past November, do you plan to keep up the heat in the off-year? Share what you've been doing to cause them regret, and how others might do it, too.

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