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New Hampshire Recount - Full hand recount or ballots being run through the DIEBOLD machines again?

Does anyone know for sure how this New Hampshire state recount is going to be done? Are they just going to run the ballots through the same machines again or are they actually going to hand count them? I think we need an answer to this ASAP, because some people (myself included) seem to be under the impression that the recount is going to be done using the same process as it was before. I think many people might not be donating to this thing because the impression is the same results are going to be spit out as they were a week ago. Can anyone confirm this will be a FULL STATE HAND RECOUNT? Thanks!

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Where's the real number?

I won't donate until someone makes it very clear how much money they have collected so far. I want the number of dollars that are not included in the current chipin display.

Get it done

Time is running out! Please donate now!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Now or never

You won't send ten bucks for a chance to save our country? Are you kidding me?

Bob W., Naples, FL

Recount suggestion

To expedite and validate the process, whomever is doing the recount should just video or photograph each ballot and then analyze them later for accuracy. Then there will be a permanent record of each persons choice that can be confirmed against that person's receipt. This will remove all doubt that every vote is counted and all voices are heard. This will also put less strain on government employees hanging around polling locations for weeks together.

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Donate your lunch money

Most Americans need a diet anyway. Throw in twenty bucks. It may be best money you ever spent.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Please donate

Won't stop

Til we get the dough! Come on, let's go!

Bob W., Naples, FL


for freedom!

Bob W., Naples, FL


a 100% hand re-count. What more could you want? DONATE!

Matt Harrington, OR

Matt Harrington, Grants Pass, OR

Hey Dufe!

NH has paper ballots. That is what will be recounted. DUH!


How can there be a hand count of ballots electronically recorded? Dielbold machines don't generate a paper ballot, at least not that I know of.

You know nothing ......

other than how to disrupt this site with your pathetic attempts.

People, there are forms filled out to put in the Diebold machines in NH and ones that got scanned. There is a paper trail, but many states don't have this, so we need to recount NH and we need it NOW!

Bob W., Naples, FL

The ballots were SCANNED

The ballots were SCANNED using the Diebold machines. They were not using Diebold E-voting machines in New Hampshire, which is what you are referring to (aka paperless voting). I asked if each of these paper ballots were going to be hand counted and I got my answer. This is an excellent opportunity to actually see what really went down in NH. Too many discrepancies here people, we need to get this done!

By HAND!!!!

Every ballot will be counted by hand! That is why it is so expensive and will take so long.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

They're hand counting them

With police escort and in full view of voulnteers.

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

Live Free or Die - Amen to that

But what about chain of custody

Unless someone on our side has been watching THE WHOLE TIME, all a recount can do is "confirm" a dishonest result if that's what we've got. People who are donating for this seem to assume a "good" chain of custody. I assume many screwups even if there's not fraud, which I can't rule-out either. But I don't think this is a good use of RP donors' money compared to other things like the Blimp which also need money. Let's let the Dennis Kucinich people fund this one...

Which ballots will they count?

The original ones from the election last Tuesday or the new stacks that cost $55,000 to have printed and marked to match the released results? Just kidding of course.

OK, that's very good to

OK, that's very good to hear. Then people need to donate as much as they can right now. This is worth it, people! Just think about what can happen if the hand counted results are different from what was reported. Please do not let this opportunity slip by and donate to the recount effort!!