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Ron Paul got me out of debt!

All of my co workers that support either Obama or Romney are buried in debt. 2nd mortages, car notes, cash loans, and credit cards. Some are even hooked into the payday loan cycle. Amscot here in FL. 400% interest! I drive an old car, have a $45 a month phone, and $0 in debt. I don't have a ton of materialistic shit, and i have found out I don't need it. My roommate HAS to work 60 hrs a week..to pay for the 45k jeep, the ins, the rolex....what the heck ever. I just don't get it. Dudes always stressed...I was the same way till 2008.....and Ron Paul. Just thought I would share a late night debt free story.

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since 2008 i saw the mistakes

since 2008 i saw the mistakes people made in my neighborhood taking out equity to get hummers from the hoems rising in value and buying materialistic crap. i myself went to school and got loans for it and had a mutual fund too. i drained the mutual fund after it recovered in 2010ish-2011 paid off the student loan, paid off my srt-4 i bought with 0 down ( big mistake) and paid off the credit cards. I did sell that car (needed 2-3k in work ) and instead got a better car borrowed just a small amount and bought a home (short sell) for dirst cheap and own a home now and have liquid assets to pay off the loan on the car but just do payments simply to make my credit score higher. i live within my means. i know how much i can spend per month and realize i can buy a decent car but just have to be handy with my money. its a bmw 330ci waited n waited til a great deal came up and it needed no work at all. I think also being older and owning a house taught me to be responsible and from being so far in debt in my 20's and how stressed it made me i learned from my mistakes.

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Congratulations. That's the way to go. :)

Congratulations. That's the way to go. :)

I have a great job, I can sustain 3 adults, incl. a student, and 4 kids by my work alone, with a great stay-at-home wife. It's no palace, but it's comfy with yards, and no mortgage. No credit.

Yes, our car was a near-POS but was largely enough for our needs. Too bad it broke lately. Will get a slightly better used one once we've saved enough for it. No credit. Everything we have indoors is ours and paid cash. It's not much but our zero debt is a lot of an ABSENT burden I'm very proud of. We could do so much more without the income tax I give away, though, I prefer not to think of it, to keep some mood...

Still, I remember having much more debt while single, working, and in France.

All spontaneous credit extension offers from various banks go directly in the trash.

That's what I'm thankful for :

our united family, organized, our health, our skills, my work, zero debt, and Ron Paul, sure ! ... and a little silver. :)

Skills, work, self care, awareness, loop and repeat.


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it's great to hear stories

it's great to hear stories like this. many people panic about what's happening to this country, and how we can fix it. short answer is, you can't fix it. it's a collectivist problem. best thing you can do is keep your own house in order and prepare for urban looting.