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Baghdad Jim REFUSES to debate! Read why he MUST!

Original BYLINE: Brian LeBlanc The 21st Century Viking tell us: "There are some races in the upcoming election on November 6th that no one seems to be talking about. The 7th Congressional District race between 11-term incumbent Congressman Jim McDermott (D) and his challenger, Republican Ron Bemis (http://www.ronbemisforcongress.org/), is one of them.

McDermott refuses to have a formal debate with Bemis. Why are the citizens of the 7th Congressional District (CD) not being given a chance to hear their candidates debate? More importantly, why are we letting our Representative in Congress get away with this?

The 7th CD is considered to be one of the safest Democratic districts in the entire country. Jim McDermott has been elected to Congress 11 times, and in each election since 1988 has received no less than 70 percent of the vote. It is widely assumed that this pattern will continue to hold and that McDermott will be re-elected, so most media outlets are not giving this race the attention it deserves.

I have seen Ron Bemis signs popping up all over Ballard and the 7th CD. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that any of McDermott’s competitors ran a campaign of this size and credibility. His campaign focuses on his claims that McDermott has been an ineffective and highly partisan Congressman whose votes have contributed to the raising of the national debt."

See http://www.ballardnewstribune.com/2012/10/26/opinion/21st-ce...

be part of the Bemis Brigade, donate here: http://www.ronbemisforcongress.org/Donations.html

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I just got redistricted into the 7th CD this year

I just got redistricted into the 7th CD this year, and Ron Bemis has my vote!

I didn't know he had any support to speak of. There hasn't been any activity down here in the south end (that I've seen).

Jim McDermott is debating Michael Medved on Nov 1 at 19:00 in Thompson Hall, room 125 on the UW campus. That debate is being put on by the Freedom Foundation's Student Freedom Project.

I was surprised enough that he was debating anyone, but your post raises the valid point, why is he debating someone else, but not his actual opponent?