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The Holocaust Shuffle (Article includes 4 video clips)

In the ’70s, there was The Hustle. We’ve got a new dance here in the Homeland. It’s called The Holocaust Shuffle. The steps are easy to learn. Just stand here, legs apart – and arms up. Say nothing – and do exactly as you are told. Now, freeze in place. There! You are almost ready… .

What are they normalizing? We all know, deep down – it’s just that most of us don’t want to face up to it. We can’t bear to. It is inconceivable. Unimaginable. Impossible. It would upend the conditioning of a lifetime – our entire view of the world. Of our country and culture – of the people all around us.

Such things can’t happen again. And certainly not here.

Ah, but they can. Right here, too.

They already are. And the process began long before the events of nineleven – the new High Holy Day here in the land of the formerly somewhat free. It has been a work in progress since at least the 1980s – when the notion of randomly stopping people – the first frontal assault upon the Fourth Amendment – was introduced and accepted by the courts and then the public. Got to get those dangerous drunks off the road, you see.

Fast forward 20 years and now people are randomly groped as a matter of routine. Got to get those dangerous terrorists now, you see. Personal space itself is no longer inviolate. They can literally spread your cheeks and jam a thumb up your anus now. Just to be “safe.” Over a traffic stop. No, seriously. Don’t believe it? Believe it. They can throw you over the hood of a squad car and draw your blood. They can kick in the door of your home. They can shoot your dog if they feel it threatens “officer safety.” And they can shoot you, too. That’s today.

Try to imagine what it will be like 20 years from now.

Or even five.


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Thanks for having the nerve to use the "H" word.

Here is the thing with "drunk driver" charges - it is "pre-crime." Sorry, I know drinking and driving makes everyone MADD or SADD or DADD almost like a FADD, but until they drive RECKLESSLY, or INATTENTIVELY, or cause an accident, they have not committed a crime.

I am saddened ad bemused by all the fuss over "mandated" health insurance. Should have squawked when they mandated auto insurance. "No fault" insurance is a much more reasonable product, but not nearly as profitable...

Most of all, we have to learn to be able to say things like "Holocaust" and even "Jew" or "(gasp!) "Zionism" to be able to dig down to truth.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.