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It there a maximum amount of time a house can be in foreclosure?

I am asking for South Carolina

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I am no lawyer, but it seems

I am no lawyer, but it seems to me the maximum time is whenever the bank feels they've waited long enough. You may want to get a lawyer for this one Brian. Why gamble with your home?

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Finding info on average timeframes seems easier

How Long Does the Typical Foreclosure Process Take in South Carolina?
By: LawInfo.com
South Carolina is a judicial foreclosure state and as such the time that it takes to foreclose on a property is largely dependent on the court. That means that there is a wide variance in the time that it takes to foreclose on a South Carolina property. That said, most foreclosures can be completed in about five or six months barring court delays or extraordinary circumstances.

from brighthub.com
"Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, New Mexico, Maine, Illinois and New York all require lenders to go to court to obtain judgments of foreclosure. In spite of this, the foreclosure period varies wildly from a mere 46 days in Maryland to more than one year (445) days in New York. The differences in these states do not end here - in order for the court to order the home sold, only three states (Maryland, Massachusetts and Maine) require that advance notification of a foreclosure sale be made.

Other states, including Michigan, Wyoming, Minnesota, North Carolina, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Delaware, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all require their local sheriff to carry out full foreclosure proceedings. In these states, the time period for foreclosure still varies widely from sixty days to two hundred and ninety days. Foreclosure notification rules vary in these states as well, from no notification to one hundred and twenty days (Delaware). It is critical if a homeowner is facing foreclosure that they understand their rights and the time frames involved in foreclosure."

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Good job Paulette.

I definitely dropped the ball on that one because it never occured to me to google it. duh. :/

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