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Write-In Rules? Please help!

I'm living in Massachusetts and I am planning on writing in Ron Paul for president, but now I'm hearing rumors that writing him in here will count as defacing my ballot and it won't be counted at all? Can someone clarify? Thanks!

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According to the MA Sec. of State

You're vote looks like it will be counted if you do it right. Lots of info here, so you'll need to read it over.


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I'll read through


I found this:

"Illegal ballots in Robert's Rules of Order

The U.S. manual Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 10th edition, p. 402 describes various forms of illegal ballots, which are ballots which do not count for any candidate. Blanks are treated as "scrap paper" and are of no effect but "unintelligible ballots or ballots cast for an unidentifiable candidate or a fictional character are treated as illegal votes. "All illegal votes cast by legal voters… are taken into account in determining the number of votes cast for purposes of computing the majority." RRONR always requires a majority for election so casting an illegal ballot or one for a hopeless candidate, whether on the ballot or as a write-in, is equivalent to voting No for all other candidates. "The principle is that a choice has no mandate from the voting body unless approval is expressed by more than half of those entitled to vote and registering any evidence of having some opinion."


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