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Danny Devito: Vote Yes on Prop 37


In November, Californians will vote on Prop 37 requiring that GE foods be labeled. Just as labels list fat, sodium and sugar, labels should tell the buyer whether or not the product includes genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs). Unfortunately, major corporations like Monsanto are pouring billions of dollars into this election in order to confuse voters, and protect their bottom line.

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So... the solution to us not

So... the solution to us not having a free market is to regulate even more? This is exactly why we'll never have a free market. The escalation never stops.


And anyone trying to tie the Free market to the disasterous effects currently inhibiting our society - by using examples from anywhere in the Last 100 years, doesnt understand anything of what is going on.


A Centralised, and Governed Free market - is an Oxymoron!

It doesnt exist.

End the Fed, it is The key to end centralised Power!

We are not guinea pigs

We need to let the government and the chemical companies know that we are not going to be their guinea pigs any longer. We only buy organic and nothing that might even have a gmo in it. Of course, it wasnt always that way, Im sure we have had our share of the toxins. Most of the people I have talked to do not even know what GMO is, and by putting this on the label, maybe it will help to educate them and maybe that will help them use their voice to put a stop to this. The studies done on the cost of prop 37, have been done by the people against prop 37, mainly, MONSANTO, so please dont tell me you are going to believe them. For me, you cannot put a price tag on my families health, which is why we only buy organic. Please reconsider voting in favor of prop 37, for your health and the health of our futures, and to stand up to big business. If you need more info, please youtube it and if you do, know that you will find hardly anything in favor of gmo, the truth is out there, go find it.

You think that all "organic"

You think that all "organic" food is toxin free? Everything has an organic label on it these days.

Yes, foods labeled organic

Yes, foods labeled organic are not all 'toxin free', but there is a better chance that they are more nutritious. Those of us who are trying to live a healthy life style are perfectly aware that some of our efforts may be in vain, believe me! It's definitely not easy to do considering the current state of affairs.

Agree. I am also an eater of

Agree. I am also an eater of mostly organic and locally grown foods. However, I am very leery of the term "organic" these days. It seems to have lost its definition.

We are going to let the

We are going to let the government and chemical companies know by giving the government and the chemical companies control and more power. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work out.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

I vote no. As an individual

I vote no. As an individual in the marketplace ... you don't HAVE a right to know anything ... you may have a desire to know something ... but you certainly don't have a right to knowledge.

If a business wants to sell you something, be it food or anything else, you don't have a right to know how they prepared it or what went into it, etc. Again, you have a desire to know. And the business is not obligated to tell you anything.

If you make a demand and the business does not deliver, the deal should not go through. Like Ron Paul says ... if the marketplace is demanding that more companies disclose the processes that food goes through before it reaches your mouth, then they will do so. Apparently, it is not a big issue, and it is not in high demand at this point in time.

If you feel that you aren't getting enough information on a product, then you are the final arbiter on whether you purchase it or not. So there is nothing wrong going on here. You are offered something and you are declining it due to lack of information.

Giving the government more power to regulate and dictate terms in the marketplace solves nothing. It's sort of like the law mandating fast food restaurants to post nutritional information on their menus. Are less people eating fast food? Hardly.

The FDA on a federal level already regulates everything. If something is FDA approved, does that mean it is safe and healthy? Hardly. That is wishful thinking. So if this kind of thing does not work on the Federal Level, what makes you think it's going to work at the state level?

Someone please tell me where this "right to know" comes from ... in relation to doing business in the marketplace. I would love to hear an explanation without pompous arrogance and the emotional appeal fallacy.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Can someone cure my ignorance on this topic

What are the pros and cons to this bill, from our liberty minded stand point?

I don't like GMO foods as much as the next person. But i don't like government telling people what they can and can't do with their products either.

Government is already in it

It seems to me that the liberty position here has to be not to require labels, and not to prohibit those who want to label their products. The role of government on this question should be to require that any and all labels be accurate, since a lying label would constitute fraud. One problem with the current state of affairs is that statism is so rampant in our society that the ongoing debate is not really about whether labels should be required or not but whether they should be required or prohibited. Monsanto and others have been pushing not only against mandatory labeling but also that their competitors not be able to freely label their own non-GMO products. The fight as it stands, as with so many issues, is not really between liberty and statism, but between two kinds of statism. The way forward for a liberty-minded individual is not clear to me.
It is much like the right-to-work issue. Ideally, the state would not have the authority to dictate what kinds of agreements unions and employers can and can't reach. But employers would also have the freedom to fire en mass all of their workers who wanted to form a union. Because federal law already prohibits the latter, some libertarians argue that right-to-work (which is an example of the former) is necessary to balance federal overreach. One statist policy counters another to achieve a semblance of liberty. The GMO labeling debate could be construed similarly.

when im wanting to see both sides

I always look first at comments with several replies and see whats being said. This thread is a good example. as you can see, several replied posts are disagreeing, yet often they both have several upvotes, interesting. I often think that people hide the truth in big books in big shelves in big libraries, wishing they would just cut to the chase and tell me the truth. Sometimes its not that easy, but as velveeta said, its absolutley vital to our movement that people study for themselves and not just fall in line with what one trusted source says. Not saying you would do that, i just talk too much. :)

Then by your own logic, it is

Then by your own logic, it is YOU who must do the research. Why are you asking for someone else's interpretation?

I am asking

because the opinions of others on this site do matter to me. Even if they may different then my own or the same as my own.

I have done my own research, but there is always a gold nugget to be found when conversing with your peers I find.

Geeez why is everyone so stand off ish lately.

Vote yes

Take the bill to audit the Federal Reserve.
If you want to be a purest, why should we intervene with the Fed ???
They are private but prosper with the sanction of our government and
are robbing this country blind and we want to stop it. So we want to audit the fed with the ultimate goal of ending it.

Monsanto has the sanction of our government.
Like the Fed most people don't even realize the dangers of GMO's
and the damage they have done.
And like Ron Paul's run for president the game is rigged.
The media are bought and paid for, many appointees in the government
when it comes to the FDA have ties to Monsanto. Obama just appointed
the head of the FDA and he was a lobbyist for Monsanto.

I'm in Nebraska and over 80% of our crops grown in Nebraska are GMO's. It has not been by choice....all it took was to get enough farmers on board with the promises of less work and more yields.
The GMO crops then cross bred with regular crops and contaminated the

Here is where it gets evil...Monsanto actually flew over fields and sprayed Round Up and if the area they sprayed did not die they knew it was their round up ready technology in use, they then proceeded to sue the farmer and in all the cases I know about the farmer ended up losing their farm for growing Monsanto patented plants. All the while the farmer was growing what they thought was their own hybrid but because a neighboring farmer was growing round up ready and it cross bred with theirs they unknowingly where growing round up ready. Crazy as it seems you would think the farmer or Monsanto that contaminated his crops would have been at fault but that is not what happened.
So there you are, Joe Blow farmer..you have a choice
you can grow round up ready or you can lose your farm that has
been in the family for 100 plus years.

Now all the corn, soybean seed companies in this country unless they are organic are paying royalties to Monsanto for this technology. They have no choice, no farmers could safely grow their seed if not.
There are organic crops grown but I can tell you there is no way they
are not being contaminated by GMO's.
I live out in the country here in Nebraska(I do not farm). But I can't even grow corn because I know it will end up being GMO corn.
Monsanto is truly evil !!

As powerful as Monsanto is I would not be surprised if some here
posting are proponents for Monsanto and then some simply just don't understand the dangers and are just fueling the fire.

Now why would you vote me down

See you made my point...

I can't believe

so many people here are defending Monsanto! First of all this isn't about the federal government having more power. This bill would actually FIGHT the federal government's intervention on behalf of gmo companies. This is a STATE law. Isn't Ron Paul always saying we need to leave these things up to the STATES? If this passes it will give consumers a way to make informed decisions on what they buy or don't buy. The companies that use gmo's will loose sales and be forced to comply with what the consumers want as opposed to what Monsanto wants us to have. This will really make it bad for the government to keep siding with the gmo companies without looking like the bought out rats that they are. Companies that package food will loose sales and tell Monsanto they won't buy anymore of their crap and in turn Monsanto will loose sales and have to change their thinking if they want to stay in business. Isn't that the way the TRUE FREE MARKET works?


It is left to the states here.

I live in California, therefore I'm one of the people that this is left up to. I'm voting no because it's a bad solution to a problem. Instead of giving government more power, I'm in favor of eliminating laws that prohibit people from growing their own food.

I don't want to grow my own

I don't want to grow my own food. I suck at keeping house plants alive. I would like to know what I'm buying in a grocery store. But I guess it's safe to say that everything non organic has GMO's in it.

I'm right there with you. I

I'm right there with you. I have a license to kill plants. I'm still not sure how to tell if a plant is being overwatered.

How would requiring companies to

inform people what their food products contain prohibit people from growing their own foods. You are way out there on this one..

communication breakdown, its always the same

Abvag is saying that a better solution than giving the govt more power, is to take powers away from govt that cause the problem in the first place. Perhaps talking about commerce restrictions or city ordinances not allowed people to raise animals and gardens in their own yards.
Check out Joel Salatins video library on this site for how easy it would be to supply food that we know is safe to large populations on a small amount of land and resources. Instead of painting over bad legislation with more legislation, strike the root.

Have you not observed how

Have you not observed how regulations work? First, competition is undermined, mostly from smaller businesses being forced out of operation. Then, with fewer choices, the favored companies begin to groom their favorite candidates for election and have further regulations written to favor them, usually under the guise of safety. Then they will be too big to fail, so if you thought you were at their mercy before, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

When govt gets involved, one regulation leads to another. Did you ever imagine it would be illegal to consume raw milk in some locations? How would you explain that one? Regulations ensure govt will be in bed with the biggest, most lucrative corporations.

C'mon, that's ridiculous. If

C'mon, that's ridiculous. If you don't have the honesty to be able to distinguish between people pointing out that not all GMO food is bad and not all "organic" food is good, and that some GMO food can be defended without defending Monsanto, then I don't know what to tell you. The sky is falling and only the government can save you.

If the bill passes, Monsanto will simply proceed to lobby for regulations that favor its practices. Do you think the EPA and FDA make us safer?

It's a States Right Issue to demand that GMO substances

be labeled. Pure and simple. Go California! Hopefully people in other states will start looking at the CA labels.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

This is the reason why

This is the reason why businesses and citizens are fleeing California in droves. California is bankrupt and will consider anything at all to reduce their deficit.

Yes, but that doesn't mean

Yes, but that doesn't mean you should beg for state govt to protect you either. It just doesn't happen!

Because your analogy sucks

Because your analogy sucks and you beg for government force to protect you when the only thing that will happen is that Monsanto will actually BENEFIT from the regulations in the long term. Also, government will grow, prices will go up, and innovation will be stifled.

By the way, it's "purist."

For the reasons that your analogy sucks, please see my response to when you posted the exact same thing on another comment.

So are also opposed to auditing the fed ?

Just curious ..

No, not at all. I've already

No, not at all. I've already detailed reasons in response to another comment of yours. The analogy doesn't work.

We don't live in a free market so we need to exercise our

right to enforce change! We the people have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to knowingly choose between healthy and poisonous food falls under the life category.

We live in a world where food and drugs are controlled by the FDA. Where people of the world are being systematically being poisoned for profits under the oversight of the FDA. We are not starting this battle from a a free market position but from a position of decades of the FDAs, lies, deceit, graft, criminal activity, systematic destruction of the global food supply, control of the masses thru diet and drug, toxic legislation, etc. etc.

We require labeling on food product os every ingredient except GMOs. The governments role is to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I believe being able knowingly choose between healthy food and poisonous food is a right that belongs to the people instead of the FDA and its cronies.

How many people do you think would knowingly choose to consume GMO pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers at every meal and snack? We need to stop the systematic poisoning of the people of the world and the only way we are going to do it is by exercising our right as we the people

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.