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Danny Devito: Vote Yes on Prop 37


In November, Californians will vote on Prop 37 requiring that GE foods be labeled. Just as labels list fat, sodium and sugar, labels should tell the buyer whether or not the product includes genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs). Unfortunately, major corporations like Monsanto are pouring billions of dollars into this election in order to confuse voters, and protect their bottom line.

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How very progressive of you.

How very progressive of you.

It's a States Rights Issue

If a state chooses to require toxic substances to be labeled before it can be sold in the grocery stores than why shouldn't they they be allowed to excursive that right? I can't believe this is getting voted down.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

No disagreement that the

No disagreement that the state has the power to do this and the USG does not. That is ENTIRELY beside the point. This legislation will backfire on you and eventually help Monsanto as the people will believe the government is protecting them. All the while you increase the size of government, force out smaller business, stifle innovation, and cause prices to go up.

It's all about efficiencies...

What process food is not altered? People have not dropped dead from genetically alter tomatos in the last fifty years without any label on them. Smart people already know and dumb people will never read it.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

What planet are you on ??

Currently there are no genetically modified tomatoes available commercially.
They have all failed..Flavr Savr which was grown in the 90's was
pulled from the market in 97.

Not true. You have simply

Not true. You have simply defined genetic modification to include only foods that are developed through genetic splicing and recombination.

The Free Market Argument

The problem with allowing the 'free market' to work this is out is that WE DON"T LIVE IN A FREE MARKET. This is a war people. Monsanto owns our government among many other multinationals. If this hurts their bottom line, then I'm all for it.

This won't hurt Monsanto's

This won't hurt Monsanto's bottom line though. It will force out some more of its smallest competitors and force out some of the small companies that you may endorse as they have to go through even more red tape to try and get their items to market. Food as a whole will also increase a bit more because of this along with its already skyrockiting price. If you think Monsanto controls some of government already what makes you think somehow this regulation will keep them out of control of this labeling process, your fooling yourself if you think that.

Since labeling is already

Since labeling is already required, adding 'contains GMO' doesn't seem like a big deal to me. A one time correction on current merchandise labels and it's done.

Also, everything that

Also, everything that businesses add to their products cost-wise are passed along to consumers. That's how business works.

Theory not reality

This will absolutely hurt their bottom line. Organics are regulated and small farmers are thriving due to the movement. The system is already in place, therefore we are forced to work within that system. Monsanto's entire business model is based on GMO seeds and pesticides. The more people move to organics, the quicker their demise. We can not pretend that the Dept of Ag and FDA don't exist.

You are preaching economic theory, not reality.

You don't think the term

You don't think the term "organic" has been greatly bastardized since it has become a buzz word for the thoughtless masses to automatically assume that something with an "organic" sticker on it is better than one without?

Everything has an organic sticker on it today. It's like the "support the troops" bumper stickers. It has become nearly completely meaningless. The only way to get "organic" is to know your farmers or grow it yourself.

Speculative Argument

It is not an assumption; it is fact. Dr. Oz just did a test on Organics v. Conventional food and found greatly reduced presence of toxins. Here is the thread I started on this issue recently...


The point is that "organic"

The point is that "organic" today has many different definitions. This happened after food companies realized there was a market for it. How did Dr. Oz define organic? Are you really citing Dr. Oz? That's like citing Oprah.

Still No Argument

Yeah... I'm citing Dr. Oz. He is a good man doing good things. Did you bother watching it? Of course not. The word "organic" in no way has multiple meanings. It is clearly defined. You just don't seem to have an argument so you are attacking and discrediting instead of disproving my argument which you clearly can't do.

Really? ...because the

Really? ...because the organic people that were in on the ground floor are pretty pissed about all the things that get an organic sticker now.

Organic foods are big money now. It is naive to think the term is not being bastardized.


Who are these mythical ground-floor Organic people who are SO angry? Your comments are so incredibly juvenile, they make me laugh.

Buying organic is a revolutionary act. Not everything is a conspiracy. Revolt with your dollars and buy Organic.

The people who very first

The people who very first fought to have an organic market, that's who. The ones that spent many hours researching what they purchased, how things were grown, and who they purchased them from. Those include many of my friends. Organic is big business now, so it shouldn't come as that much of an earth shattering warning to watch out for fraudulent foods labeled organic. But you go ahead and keep believing that if it has a USDA sticker on it, it's safe for you to eat.

Speaking of juvenile, you have obviously COMPLETELY missed the point. The point isn't that organic foods don't matter. I buy mostly organic foods, myself. I go to our local farmers market every week, and sometimes to the farms directly. The POINT is that it is more difficult to determine the truly organic foods than it was 5 years ago. You assume the sticker or sign makes it organic? Organic is popular now, and there is money to be made. Ergo, watch out for frauds. That's the way the market works... When anything gets popular, the knock-offs come out of the woodwork.

Glad to hear it

Please show me where I said anything remotely close to: "...keep believing that if it has a USDA sticker on it, it's safe for you to eat."

No one ever said don't do your homework. One must do that for every purchase they make. That said, not everyone lives near a farm. The best we can do under the controlled Ag system is rely on a system that most of us cannot escape. And when the two foods are tested in a laboratory, Organic foods contain far less toxins than conventional foods. That's what the link I provided shows. They just went to any old store and tested the two choices. But looking up the companies that provide the Organics we buy is absolutely a good idea.

I'm glad to hear you eat Organic.

And we never will if even the

And we never will if even the liberty-minded people are begging for government intervention.

I don't agree with this

I don't agree with this legislation either. Besides, everyone here who is very concerned about GMO crops already grows their own or buys organic, right? Why invite greater government involvement and incompetence?

It's not that simple. GMO

It's not that simple. GMO plants cross-pollinate with the untainted plants. The seeds from the previously untainted foods then produce GMO tainted foods. Soon, there is no choice left. All foods will be GMO. In the case of GMO corn, it causes mammary cancer in 80 percent of rats in the study (see link below). This is serious.


You Don't Agree?

You really don't think we should be able to know what's in our food? How can you say that anyone concerned grows their own stuff or buys organic? Did you know that Monsanto has patented the word "organic" so that they can still sell their crap and call it organic? Do you use things like ketchup? If so then, guess what? GMO corn is in the ketchup you buy at the stores. It's in anything made out of corn syrup, soy, etc. Cereal, chips, cheese, milk, talapia, beef, pork, even potatoes. I don't think you understand how big this problem is. Go watch "Foodinc" and get back to us on your opinion. You and everyone that thumbed your statement up!


Right. I don't agree

Right. I don't agree with another unnecessary law that will expand government and cost taxpayers more money. I'm opposed to that.

It would be far better for those concerned to start a series of massive educational campaigns for consumers to demand change from grocery stores, farms and wherever they get their food.

Work with others to get what you want by offering them something they want... Gee, that's kind of a 'free market' philosophy, isn't it?

Yes! Exactly.

Yes! Exactly.

There are other ways to find

There are other ways to find out what is in your food. You are quick to use force of government for things that you value, just like the mainstream voters. There are other ways to go about getting food labeled.

What other ways.


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See Velveeta comment above

See Velveeta comment above for a few examples. There are more.

Take this into

Take this into consideration:

Corn is the basis of the Mexican diet, as it has been for thousands of years. Diabetes has risen over 40% in 2012. Diabetes is the leading cause of Death in Mexico. Why?

"Hispanics, because of their diet centered on corn, are the butt end of corporate assault of food and the end result is they are eating the most toxic diet in the world (video), without knowing it."


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