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What is the plan for 2016 if Romney wins?

Will Rand run as a Republican contender in 2016 if Romney wins 2012? If not, will another shot for liberty have to wait until 2020? Will we have any liberties left by then?

What will be required of the C4L to make that happen?

I realize the election is a few days away but what liberty-minded folks, C4L Republicans and Libertarians, do this election is going to affect what has to be done in 2016 if Romney wins.

I also need to ask if C4L Republicans want Libertarian’s help achieving Liberty.

I get the impression from some that we are in the way and need to disband our party. Why not use it as a smart strategy in our Revolution?

It never occurred to me that we should put party above Liberty. Requiring Liberty to have an "R" or an "L" attached to it seems self-defeating.

Working together, we can force the GOP to change.

Ron Paul had a brilliant plan to win enough delegate votes to force a brokered convention, unfortunately we under-estimated the lengths the GOP would go to cheat him out of it.

If they want to play that game, we have to play smarter.

The best strategy is for C4L Republicans and Libertarians to unite under both parties to bring liberty forward.


1.) Libertarians should register as unaffiliated.

2.) Libertarians should vote for C4L Republican in the primaries.

3.) If the C4L Republican doesn't win or is cheated out of the nomination, C4L Republicans could vote for the Libertarian candidate to achieve the requirements to have a liberty-minded candidate running every election.

The votes would have an official measure of how bad the GOP is losing support. Libertarians should be open to allowing the C4L candidate to run as the Libertarian candidate if he doesn't win the Republican nomination.

4.) Once the GOP realizes this strategy will render them impotent, they'll be forced to change. Once they do and nominate a liberty-minded candidate, Libertarians will vote for him or her to defeat the Democrats.

How many would vote for Ron Paul as a Libertarian candidate had we been able to work this out this election?

If you have to write-in Ron Paul this election, go ahead. Libertarians completely understand. But moving forward, we need to strategize as an united front.

If Libertarians don't get 5% of the votes to enable us to automatically be on every state ballot for 2016, we'll get the signatures again to make it happen. It will be costly and time consuming, but liberty is worth it. We know the struggle, we're just glad that some Republicans are finally seeing the light we've been shining for decades with Ron Paul's help.

Let's face it, C4L knows all about media distortion. Libertarians have been distorted as a bunch of pot-smoking pacifist hippies for decades. I completely understand why our message of liberty was ignored. Now you do too.

I realize it's bold, but it's the smart way to defeat cheaters. They won't like it, but I doubt they'll be able to do anything about it but change themselves.

We can get there quicker with a united strategy. Otherwise, we deserve no liberty.

I will always support a liberty-mind candidate, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. Party labels don't matter, Liberty does.

Again, if we can't work out a united strategy for Liberty, we don't deserve it.

P.S. I just watched Hacking Democracy. If you haven't, you should. It's free on HuLu. It seems this hurdle has to be addressed if we're ever to have any chance for change.

This has to be a priority, otherwise, all attempts to bring a liberty-minded president to the White House will fail.

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