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Did the DP change?

This site used to have Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers type stuff on the homepage. Now, it's We Are Change, Infowars and videos to protect socialism in Mali.

Posts used to get up voted for being rational and logical. Now, it's like there's a swarm of down voting infowarriors and leftists who's pissed at the man.

Am I the only one noticing this? Am I wrong?

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Grasping at straws

to remain relevant. The RP'ers are burnt out and have backed away, in favor of the Rand Paulers, GOP capitulators and the flames and forum users looking to fill in the void with their non-RP material...

When you abandon Ron Paul's principles, you end up with nothing else to talk about BUT this... He deserves better...

Nothing has changed

There's always been a wide variety of topics discussed on the Daily Paul. Even unpopular and controversial things. I dont see what's wrong with that. Don't like them? Post about things you are interested in and don't bump or respond to the ones you aren't. I actually find the controversial ones the most interesting myself, even if I disagree with the op because I usually find some really good arguments about that topic both for and against. Sometimes I'm even enlightened and see the validity of their point and change my own position.

This is the natural state of the Daily Paul, wide open free discussion. If there has been any change it may be that there was a little bit of noticeable tightening of content during the campaign, so as not to alienate new comers. Now that it is over that grip, as light as it was, has been loosened. This may be distasteful for some who are not used to it and do not like such topics taking up more digital real estate than they have hitherto experienced. This may be because they only just joined recently or they didnt really pay much attention before but all of these topics have been on the Daily Paul before. That's what makes this place interesting. It's not an echo chamber. You will hear differing points of view, and you are free to express your differing point of view. Not many popular political sites allow that degree of freedom without banning its members. With that freedom comes a wide array of what is discussed. Some tasteful some not. Either argue against them, for them, ignore them or post what you think is relevant to the DP.

It's turning into a

It's turning into a circlejerk for conspiracy nuts and anarcho-capitalists.

New management, new mods, new agenda

This site is now just another inside job.

Or so it seems.

manifestations of anger and disgust

becoming more prevalent as the insanity of (un)civility is squeezed everso methodically into a molding apparatus not meant to fit.

basically our patience is about up with all the B S we're constantly bombarded with !

LOve the R3volution

Yes it did change

I remember DP used to be a quite friendly place where I could get info for economics. Now anything related is barely on here(could be the effects of RP dropping out)

There's a lot more name-calling and flaming here now.

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.


You are wrong. The Mali video was simply a clip to show the people living in the next target of US aggression are simple peasants. I made no reference at all to trying to make "Dama" the global economy. I asked people to try to stop the war. The DP has always been about stopping unjustified war, or had you never noticed?
Furthermore, We Are Change and Alex Jones have done more to spread Ron Paul's message, and the message of truth, than you have. I am confident saying that even though I don't know you at all. The election is nearly over, it is time for us to find our common ground, and different people will find different paths to carry on the battle. If you don't like a path, don't take it - as in, don't read the thread.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Nothing against your thread

Nothing against your thread but curious, why did you chose that particular video to show what's good about Mali?

At any rate, it's more about what gets to the front page. The same posts are being posted, but different ones are getting voted up than it used to be.

Because it showed the simple people

about to get bombed. That deserves the front page. There is nothing more vital to the US economy than ending the financial hemorrhage that is our military expansionist policy.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.