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New Creepy Pro-Obama Video Uses The Children

We all saw the video with Lena Dunham telling us how awesome her "first time" voting for Obama was. But, this is different.....this is worse. You think you've seen some scary stuff come out of Obama supporters? Think again!


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Not part of Obama's campaign.

Someone is simply associating this video with a plea to elect Obama, yet the two do not have anything to do with each other.

This looks to be a single video uploaded to a youtube account that happens to be named after the project.

The uploader is deluded into dreaming of good things and associating those things with Obama. ..or they are evil.

Correct me if I am wrong.

"Mom and Dad, we're blaming you"

If we wonder how the younger generation will accept things like death panels, euthenasia, and all the other things the globalists/new world order have in store, look no farther than this group of kids who are being pitted against their preceeding generation.

Reminds me of the original Star Trek series episode "And the Children Shall Lead" where the evil being turned the children against their parents and manipulated the children to do his bidding.


Gorgan: You are my future generals. Together we can raise armies of followers.. We shall exterminate all who oppose us. Our purity of purpose cannot be contaminated by those who disagree, who will not cooperate, who do not understand. They must be anihilated.

Kirk: ...Without you children he(evil being)is nothing.

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I thought kids were used in anti-war ads, not Agenda 21.

The kids sang no line about bringing the troops home or following the Constitution. Sad. With Obama already using these kids with still 10 days to go before the election, there is still time to also work in spots for Elvis and Jesus. Such are the ads that a billion dollar war chest can buy.

One thing seems certain,

One thing seems certain, although i have not checked this closely. This video is probably something from a PAC and not directly from the Obama 2012 campaign. There is no disclaimer about 'approving this message', and no fine print to tie it to the campaign. There is the text under the video telling us how important it is to reelect the President, but nothing in the video itself... not even his name, I don't believe.

I'm still amused that they are not allowing comments. Of course this is shrewd of them. Those who are prone to be moved by such tripe will be moved. Those who are not so prone may be enraged instead. This is a simplistic anthem for the already suckered base, not an appeal to undecided voters. And may I say that anyone who is undecided between the two Republicrats might as well flip a coin at this point.

Not yet.

The Democratic Party has not reached the point yet where its presidential nominee is politically capable of releasing ads turning children against their parents in favor of his/her agenda. But, then again, nobody would have ever dreamed just four years ago that a major party's presidential candidate would release that "first time" ad. Give the country another four years. Children singing the praises of government intervention and denouncing their parents and preceding generations as backwards and dangerous to progress, democracy, and civilization will be right around the corner.

The fact is there are literally tens of millions of voting-age people in this country who are not outraged at ads like that because they were raised in broken homes and relied more on the government for food on the table as kids than they did on their one parent; therefore, they blame their parents' generation for their problems and look to the government for solutions.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

"The fact is there are

"The fact is there are literally tens of millions of voting-age people in this country who are not outraged at ads like that..."
Agreed, and they are the ones who would be moved by it, as I said.

two words.....


and both sides do it.....it is disgusting and shameful.....


I got nothin'...

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Call Social Services..

... All those kids have been brainwashed & emotionally/intellectually abused.

Nice job singing, though.

Overall, that is just the stupidest thing I've seen.


Brainwash them when they are young and they will be obedient for a lifetime, sounds like what happened inGermany all those years ago!!

“The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.”

I see comments are disabled

I see comments are disabled for this video... Hmm, I wonder why?

That video made.....

My brain do mental gymnastics....

Still attempting to compute....

Nothing makes sense anymore, but then again NOTHING is supposed to. Everything is supposed to confuse, confound and contrive.

I'm serious.

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It's a chilling look at the future that both parties are heading

are racing towards...

That is truly disgusting.

OMG ... notice how they shut off comments on YT. They just don't dare allow them.

Blessings )o(

Oh,,, what a little darling facist she will make, Ah....

Wow. If I was the parents of that little girl at the end I would be scared to sleep in the same house with her at night.
Isn't it wonderful how so many turn their kids over near completely to the public school system these days to instil "values"... Sweet dreams!

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