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Catching Electronic Election Fraud By The Grand Jury

Did Ron Paul get cheated out of the Primaries? If Romney did this to his own party members will he do it in the general election?

If Ron Paul or Rand Paul runs again, will he be cheated electronically? Can we get rid of these machines by exposing them in the general election?

ACCOUNTABILITY ON THE ELECTRONIC MACHINES: 6 California County CIVIL Grand Juries have received complaints for the general election. These complaints ask the grand jury to walk into the county election clerk's office and....


Then compare these to the electronic results.

California Paul supporters: Please do this in your county. Simply: 1. Download and edit for your county. 2. Print, 3. Submit.

See this website for a little more and the complaint to download: http://hidden4thbranch.com/?page_id=305

To understand the power of the grand jury watch this 6 min. 33 sec video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JL8R4eH3qE

Kelly Z. Mordecai, Author - "The Hidden 4th Branch"
(Book about the power of grand jury to investigate and indict corrupt government officials.)