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White terrorists? Show this to convert your friends!

Ok, Fox and the CIA have officially crossed the line now. They are reporting that Al CIA-duh have recruited as many as 1400 Caucasian Westerners with no criminal record. Combine that with HR 1955/S 1959 and you have all the excuse they need to shut down the internet and form an SS. None of us are off the radar now (I wish I was black or asian at the moment, but, not to worry, they'll release intel about them being recruited soon enough). If you have friends whom you are having trouble convincing, this story should solve the problem. Anyone who is still hanging by a thread to the "we've got to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here" argument is now out of ammo. They are here! Everybody hide! They have created a limitless, locationless enemy, and all options appear to be on the table about how to combat them. Tell your friend who wants us to be in Iraq that he is now a possible suspect, so every measure Congress and the Senate pass to protect us from terrorists can be used against them.


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