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Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano Now CERTIFIED Write-in Candidates in CA (Other States Too)

Ron Paul with Judge Napolitano as VP have qualified for official write-in status in California, which means their write-in votes will be tallied and counted just as if they were on the ballot. 55 presidential electors have filed the proper paperwork to give Ron Paul this status.

California has the highest number of electoral votes in the nation, 55. Although no one but Obamney will win, a strong Ron Paul write-in vote in such a critical state will send a strong signal that the Ron Paul message is still loud and clear:

- Bill of Rights, No to the NDAA,

- Non-interventionism, US out of Middle East wars

- Sound money, forestall the coming economic collapse, end the Fed

- No bank bail-outs

It will also tell the establishment that the dirty tricks against Ron Paul during the primary season backfired, and that his supporters will not be herded into the choice of two puppets who both support NDAA, who both threaten to attack Iran, and who both kiss Israel's a**. Either that or some third party candidate that no one has ever heard of.

California Secretary of State, Official write-in candidates:

Ron Paul Forums: "Ron Paul is a CERTIFIED Write In Candidate In California!!"

Other states where Ron Paul write-in votes will be tallied, counted, and reported (more may be announced as a result of lawsuit by Richard Gilbert and Lawyers for Ron Paul, which demands that all write-in votes be counted.)



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Voted for Ron Paul in California

Sent in my mail in ballot two weeks ago. Hopefully it won't be "challenged" like my ballot for the primary was

Ron Paul 2016

Judge Napolitano already endorsed Gary Johnson


...so I don't think the Judge would take the job if you offered it to him.

Already voted

In Wisconsin, and already voted for Johnson. I didn't have this information at the time.

and why isn't this on the FRONT PAGE?


Ask Nystrom.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Mail In Ballots are Due in CO by 11/2

we need to wrap this up soon. My ballot is due at the Clerk's office by 11/2.

that means send today!

bump for this!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Johnson trolls down-voting Ron Paul thread again

how DARE we promote Paul on his own website!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

yes Sue4theBillofrights

been happening alot lately!If only they looked between the lines and see what is going on.

I know right?

But they will be gone, when the election is over, just endure for a week.

After that, Johnson will get <2% votes >1% if he's lucky, they'll be gone. This election is a distraction, so people should vote for the BEST candidate, Dr. Ron Paul.

Proping up a Third Party does nothing!

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Thank you again, Sue4theBillofRights

for all your energy and activism. God bless you. This IS the answer we need for effectively turning the tide against the criminal cabal.