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Settheredline.com What a bunch of worthless propoganda!

Hey brothers and sisters of Liberty,

Check out this propoganda nonesense.


Ill post what I wrote to them in a letter:


Your video makes a very compelling case and to be honest, I want to believe you, I really do. However, how can I believe you when this same rhetoric was told about how Iraq and Sadam Husein was the next Hitler, then got us into a 3 trillion dollar war with millions killed and nothing beneficial (FOR OUR INTERESTS) that came of it?

These are the points I want to make:

I served in the Army in Afghanistan and other soldiers will tell you that we found out that Al Qaeda was grossly exagerated. There were barely even any Al Qaeda there, just small pockets.

I then served in Iraq and we all realized there were no weapons of mass destruction and we also found out in interviews that Iraq was something planned well before we trumped up nonsense about a nuclear Iraq and that we were looking for any excuse to go to war with Iraq.

Next, you said the Shah was overthrown and was pro western, but you failed to mention that the Shah was ALSO a brutal dictator who hurt his people and would do anything the west wanted and while the people of Iran were poor, the Shah lived as an opulent King.

Next you failed to mention that we installed the Shah after we over threw a democratically elected SECULAR President (Mozhadeg.. excuse the misspelling) because he nationalized oil fields because he wouldnt give the nation's resources away pretty much for free.

Next, you failed to mention that during the Iran/Iraq war, we supplied all the chemical weapons to Sadam that he used to massacre the Iranian people and that SADAM STARTED THE WAR WITH OUR SUPPORT... And you wonder why Iranians are angry with us???

Next you failed to mention that we have 40+ bases surrounding Iran and that we have the ability/technology to blow a nuclear weapon out of the sky before it left Iran's borders.

Next you failed to mention that BiBi Netanyahu and the US/Israel have been saying "Iran is only a few years away from obtaining a nuclear weapon" since the 1988-1992 and on until now.....

I too dont want there to be a nuclear Iran and I am scared of possible consequences. I dont want to be naive, but now you can understand why it is so hard to trust this as anymore than propoganda. Its hard to trust ANY US foreign policy at this point and I almost gave my life serving in the military for these lies. You can now understand why we are so weary of war and we only want to see our brothers in Iran and our brothers at home in the US live in peace and prosperity (no prosperity for Iran due to our sanctions and purposeful inflation that only affects the common Iranian) with no more war and this video reminds me of PURE PROPAGANDA and NONESENSE JUST LIKE THE PRE IRAQ WAR PROPAGANDA!

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"will all fall like dominoes"

What the... ?

I can't believe this film.


All have 100+ nuclear weapons each. What gives? Why aren't they all trying to conquer their neighbors? Oh... right, it's because their neighbors have allies who have nuclear weapons.

War makes me sick.

Excellent letter...I do hope

Excellent letter...I do hope they respond..keep us updated. As far as the video..that was just like watching the incubator babies being thrown out by Saddam...And I have no doubt that the rest of the world will eventually come against the US and Israel for not minding our business and for killing their people for the last 236 years.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

Your letter made me think of

Your letter made me think of Tom Woods.

Tom was asked: "What is the most important lesson you have learned in American History?"

"Don't ever believe the war Propaganda. Every single time it is a load of crap." ~ Tom Woods

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

Great letter thank you!

Reminds me of this time I was on the free way in traffic and I was switching radio stations. I came across a couple of blowhards on a supposedly "christian" channel who were just piling on the "we must bomb iran to save our allies" propaganda. I mean thick. It was really sickening. Almost demonic and blood thirsty. I was about to change the channel in disgust when they said they'd now be opening the lines for people to call in with their support. I listened to see if anyone was swallowing this tripe. The first caller did, and the second. Shameful. I reached for my phone as I couldnt let this stand. I was about to give them an earful when a third caller came on and asked them if this was a christian channel. The two hosts proudly said "why yes, of course". The caller continued "well I was driving down the freeway with my mother when I heard your program and she asked me if this channel was christian. I said yes, and she said "then how can they justify the bombing of innocent men women and children?" ... "can you justify that?"

Radio silence...

You could almost hear their flapping jaws hit floor. The stunned hosts then started in again tripping over themselves and their cognitive dissonance to explain and somehow rationalize what they were saying as being somehow christian, and they did so in the most pathetic and shameful ways. When the caller easily rebutted their attempts they cut his mic and started accusing the caller of this that and the other thing, aiding and abetting the enemy, not being a true american, etc. After they finished their tirade on the guy they said "that's it. no more call ins!" and they cut to commercial break. That caller nailed'em. They were just publicly exposed for the frauds they were and they knew it and they knew their audience knew it and they had to tuck tail and run.
Well done whoever that was that called in. You exposed the liars hypocrites and warmongers. And that's what I believe you've done with your letter here. Thank you for your service both on and off the field.

Nice letter. I hope you find

Nice letter. I hope you find a way to post it in relation to their posts that works for people to see it.

It is important for our friends, family and neighbors not to buy into "conventional wisdom" on this.

With Obama and Romney puppets of the new single Banksterparty running us headlong to another war, here is a more complete and accurate history of the relationship of Iran and the West than most people ever hear in a short 10 minute video
These facts are not in dispute and sadly not reported or taught in our schools. Thanks for your service and your reflection and insight on it!

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.