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Kyle Clark. Another Ben Swann?

This reporter asks Obama some tough questions. Obama dances around and dodges the questions but I was impressed with the questions!


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This is the way it is...a

This is the way it is...a "conservative" news caster will always go hard on a "liberal" and a "liberal" news caster will always go hard on a "conservative"..I remember when Bill Clinton was president..it was the first I had ever heard of Rush Limbaugh and I would listen alot..He was always telling stories about how bad Clinton was and I thought wow..This Rush guy is telling me just the way it is..then Bush was elected..And I got how great Bush was from Rush..I thought..but the things Bush is doing is just as bad, if not worse than What Clinton had done why isn't he mentioning that...That was my big awakening to Conservative taurus feces radio..I turned Rush off and never listened again. I don't listen to none of it..makes me want to puke..So, this guy is going hard on Obama because 1 the news caster is a conservative 2 Obama is a liberal and 3 he got permission from his masters and obama to do a fake hard interview.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I remember Rush

2 years after bush was elected blaming clinton for economic problems, then I heard him, 2 mo after obama took office, yelling about how he can't blame bush anymore and this is "obama's economy". I was starting to figure some things out at that point, but that was the last straw for any msm for me.

Ben Swann dishes it out

Ben Swann dishes it out equally between the fake conservatives and the fake liberals..so that makes him a stand alone..

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

not bad

not bad


Would he do the same to Romney?

I am!