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Defending my last post

In my last post entitled, "All Liberty Lovers should vote straight republican for the House and Senate on election day", I received many downvotes and criticisms. While I expected this reaction, I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. I figured since most dailypaulers are rational thinkers who wish to bring about change in this country, most of them would at least be open to strategies that could bring change, even if they disagreed with my way of going about it. So I'm gonna respond to some of the criticisms.

First of all, many of you thought that I was saying that you should vote straight Republican for every single election regardless of who they are and regardless of what they stand for. Although my title did say "Vote straight republican for House and Senate", I only meant that in a general sense. I made it pretty clear in the rest of the post that this shouldn't always be the case. If a republican candidate has made it very clear that they will not support audit the fed then you should not vote for him. If there is a democrat running who has co-sponsored the bill then you should vote for him. One thing I should have added to that post is that if there is an independent or Libertarian running in your district against a Republican then I would definitely encourage you to vote for him over the Republican. Although, typically that option is not available.

"Even if Audit the Fed passes, we cannot trust Congress to do an audit of the fed."

This may be true. But nobody knows that for sure. However, that does not mean that there is no point in trying and Dr. Paul would agree with me. If the Audit the FED bill passes and the Congress, for some reason, neglects their duty to audit the Federal Reserve, we will at least have a strong reason for pushing them more to do so.

"The House only passed the bill to get more votes. They were planning all along to have it killed in the Senate."

Once again, this may or may not be true. But that does not mean that there isn't a point in trying. And also, nobody knows what their motives were for passing the bill, but the point is, they voted for it. And the Senate would likely pass it to if it were controlled by Reps.

Let me also say that voting for republicans or democrats to get an agenda done is not a compromise of principles. Ron Paul himself has endorsed many establishment candidates, including the one that is running to replace his seat in the House.

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