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Is Russia Today a Good or Bad news Network. Opinions?

I'm Curious Because i was thinking about getting Russia today on my tv. Iv'e seen them talk about the real truth about why the United states killed Gaddafi. But people say they just talk about conspiracies and Propaganda.

Are these people Just ignorant of whats going on like the war propaganda that the American news networks talk about that. Since you know the CIA and mossad have said that Iran isn't even perusing nuclear weapons.

For example people say Rt just talk of conspiracies like WW3.

I would like to get the opinion of my fellow Paulites :)

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It Is Free on Roku

If you have a Roku, RT streams for free. I'll watch RT on occasion (e.g, third party Presidential debates). Abby Martin's "Breaking the Set" is decent. But yes, RT does have an underlying agenda just like any other news station. It is a sad reflection of America's MSM when stations like Russia Today and Al Jazeera will air a third party debate but CNN, FNC, and MSNBC will not.


No network is completely good none are completely bad. RT is no different. Always be careful about who you trust. When you learn to pick the good from the bad from each of them, research and verify you'll come to a more full realization of what's really going on than just getting your news from one source. RT on average just happens to have a little more good to pick from than others. Still never trust anything you can't verify. And always consider who pays their bills and why they discuss certain topics and not others. What they don't discuss is just as important as what they do when trying to determine their agenda is and make no mistake they all have one. Or several.


They have good looking female hosts so it is good in this way.

Otherwise I would like to know where their funding comes from besides ads?

p.s. in this case I will believe at the most 50 per cent of what they say.


I think RT is a good counter-balance against the MSM "trumpets"

for U.S. Imperialism/hegemony in the airwaves...

I have it on my Android phone.

And special mention too. Press TV...(ditto on Android).

Both btw, are also programmed on my Roku.

RT = Putin's resistance to U.S. hegemony and its propaganda

RT is Putin's only successful attempt to inject some common sense into the persistent, US-backed, propaganda that Russia is still an evil, backward communist country incapable of assimilating with the "Western" nations -- in my view, in order to undermine the confidence of the Russian people in their own government in order to force capitulation toward American hegemony -- especially considering the billions that has been poured into US-backed opposition parties to Putin's 'United Russia' party. The truth of the matter is, most of Russia's news media is actually biased toward the American perspective, RT is the exception. Although it may carry some bias, as do all media outlets, it is probably the best thing out there in terms of objectivity in its coverage.


which news network would you reccomend that is the most honest and informative if there is any. I want to stay informed.

If you want to stay informed

Turn off your TV and cancel your cable.

Pro-kremlin at times. But

Pro-kremlin at times. But like a foreign paper covering a foreign country (the US) they present sides and information the corporate trash news we have here wont.

Southern Agrarian

RT is a propagana machine

as is nearly every other mainstream news outlet. Yes it does broadcast news that you don't get in the States, but not so much to inform you, but to work to it's own agenda...to spread division.

They have front page stories

They have front page stories that expose the attacks on freedom and empire building that the US government is doing. Even though they are doing it to promote their agenda, they are keeping the US citizens informed about all the bad stuff our government does that the US media keeps quiet about. Whenever you read or listen to RT just keep in mind that it is propaganda, just like our news, only slanted in their favor.

RT is good

RT rocks!

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Have you ever seen this?


You escaped from communist Poland, is that correct?

just understand what RT is.

It's a Russian owned propaganda station. It seems that they are interested in undercutting the authority and power of the american and "western" oligarchs.

I also want to resist the power of these oligarchs. kinda like an enemy of my enemy is my friend?

this makes them quite entertaining and informative, but don't forget what they are.

Your Exactly Right = Don't Forget What RT is......

RT would love to see the downfall of capitalitic America and it's power. Notic how Thom is always encouraging protest. Amyway, the unfortunate part is that there involvement with promoting third parties could be a basis for Dems and Repub propoganda as why not to trust third parties or take them seriously. RT is entertaining and its good to get other viewpoints, but Libertarians and the like have to find the funds for their own major and mainstream television and internet news sources. When is the Libertarian party going to launch gathering funds to compete with pro-Obama/dems Yahoo for instance.

Was watching this morning

Was watching this morning and I would say they present a more realistic view of the world than our sanitized and dumbed down news media. Don't expect to see honest reporting about conditions in Russia.

Russians know that "capitalitic America" and the West generally are parasitic to the global economy so certainly they would be in favor of the demise of the institutions that are making life worse for most people on the planet, including the vast majority of Americans.

Here's a good Reason to watch RT

The Libyan city of Bani Walid (Qaddafi stronghold) has been under seige for some time and the Western media refuse to cover the story. There are accusations of chemical weapons being used.



That is, it's better quality propaganda than MSM. But why pay a cable company for it when you can watch it free on the internet?

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I'll just say I don't it's

I'll just say I don't it's worth paying for.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain