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Only 20% Turnout Expected in MI - Good for RP?!?!

The turnout is supposed to be very low (that's according to about every major Detroit-area news outlet). I think that could be good for our chances since we know RP supporters are dedicated to going out and voting!!

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Absentee voting??

I know it's possible in FL because I voted *before* people in Iowa & NH got to vote, but is it possible in MI? For the price of a stamp we can vote early, force them to use/manipulate paper ballots instead of just electrons, and NOT have to wait in lines. It's pretty sweet.

I stopped trying to Guess ..

It must create negative karma or something ... :)

It will probably end up even lower...

we got snow across the state last night and more expected off and on through out the day, and the temperature is only in the 20's.