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Lawrence O'Donnell On Why He Does Not Report On Espionage Act And NDAA

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Lawrence the Socialist gives one of the best reasons against

big government. No one can know everything about what government is doing. And each and every day, with the power legalized force, government is doing something wrong somewhere - each day!

Yet this foolish socialist wants to make government still bigger?
Wants you to send in still more income tax monies to it? All because of his pet socialist programs, social security, welfare & medicare?

Go figure.


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Dude! Are you the reason behind this????!??

Lawrence O'Donnell Encourages YOU To Vote THIRD PARTY!!!


What a stupid answer

got in a dig at Bush for the Patriot Act, despite the Robo Pen reauthorizing the Patriot act after Rand Paul's successful filibuster.

Then he just went on a rant to run out the clock. Such a waste of 11 mintues.


You mean REPUBLICAN Rand Paul...

Who supports progressive Romney and the Establishment REPUBLICAN party - thus FALSELY projecting credibility onto them, STRENGTHENING THEIR POLITICAL CHOKE-HOLD and HUMILIATING AND DISCREDITING both the Tea Party and Liberty Movement?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

You can label him however you

You can label him however you want, but you should not so easily dismiss the fact that he stood up against the Patriot Act on the Senate floor.

If you put aside his other positions for just a second, here we find someone sympathetic to reversing this terrible piece of unconstitutional legislation. In this endeavor, we are going to need as much help as we can get and I don't think we should turn it down just because it comes from someone in a party we don't totally agree with. In my judgement, this is what Dr. Paul speaks of when he talks about building coalitions to bring about change.

You obviously have strong belief in your opinions and I respect that, but I think you could convey them in a manner that is not so brash. In my estimation, aggressive posts only serve to isolate us from one another, and polarize the dialouge. Just my two cents though, keep on pursuing liberty.

Not a label.

REPUBLICAN Rand is a REPUBLICAN. He's embraced this REALITY, and so should others.

NO, selling out is NOT "building coalitions," even though REPUBLICAN folks will try to cobble the two together (as the WHOLE REPUBLICAN PARTY is based in selling out - or as Rick Santorum put it... "taking one for the team").

Typically, when REPUBLICANS tell me to be less "brash" (truthful), this is a strong indication that I should be MORE brash. The same could be said of Rudkowski. Funny how he's described as a crazy, divisive nutjob... until he confronts... A DEMOCRAT like Wasserman! Then, IN AN INSTANT, his brashness seems to BECOME AN ASSET... for some strange reason. And he is splashed ALL OVER the pages of REPUBLICAN Townhall, Blaze, Hotair, etc and told to "keep it up." Hmmmm....

What "isolates us from one another" is when we trust/contribute/vote for leaders who then LIE (say they believe one thing, then endorse the opposite). Another "polarizing" behavior is REPUBLICAN CO-OPTING. REPUBLICAN co-opters HATE brash truth and they will ALWAYS POSITION IT as "alienating" or "polarizing" so as to chill it, (ironically) separate it from the herd... for a nice smooth REPUBLICAN co-opting. The same tactics were used with Sarah Palin for the REPUBLICAN co-opting of the Tea Party.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I wish he would have asked him - about

medicare part b:

Since you have some expertise in medicine, do you believe that a small group of people have the competence to develop a coherent and helpful medical plan in the lobbying and corrupt environment in washington?

This is the type of polite

This is the type of polite interviewing that Luke and WRC needs to be doing instead of running around yelling at people and accusing them of being in some secret conspiracy. He did a good job this time by being polite and professional, but he did look bored. I'm sure it's more fun to do the ambush journalism stuff.

If WRC can be this polite with such an anti-liberty person like Lawrence O'Donnell, how come they can't do the same with Rand Paul and others.

He actually got a polite and extended exchange with someone who would most likely have blown him off. Try this more Luke please. This reminded me more of a Jan Helfeld type interview as opposed to what has become the norm of a WRC one.

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An aside, on backronyms

From trying to parse your username, "rftbunny", I had the thought that if the "f" and "t" were swapped, it would be "rtfbunny", or "read the 'fine' bunny" (where 'fine' could be replaced by other four-letter words :).

That was an expression I first heard back in the early 90s, and might have been around earlier, "RTFM" ("M" for "manual").

Then I realized that the Rich Text Format came about several years afterwards, and I wondered, "Was the RTF file extension a backronym made to reference the expression RTFM?" I searched a bit but it was inconclusive, so I figured I'd ask others. And since it was from seeing your username, and I'm still curious as to its origin, I figured I'd post it here. Cheers!

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Actually Rudkowski was extremely polite to REPUBLICAN Rand. And from what I understand, REPUBLICAN Rand got a little REPUBLICAN nasty with some REPUBLICAN tactics:

Bilderberg meeting are NOT "secret conspiracies," but now COMMON KNOWLEDGE, because of folks like WRC, Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh.

I pray WRC continue to rise above the FAKE-conservative/FAKE-liberal ESTABLISHMENT GAMES and seek ONLY TRUTH. They will be an important component of COMPLETELY REJECTING the LEFTIST republican/democrat (same thing) party - something that MUST, MUST BE DONE... if there is any hope of Constitutional restoration.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Luke Did Great - And Kudos To Lawrence

for agreeing to do the interview even after his assistant told Luke they didn't have time for him. He overrode her and said "No I'll do the interview." Good for him.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Interesting quote from Mr.

Interesting quote from Mr. O'donnell, "What we do know is that every department of government, everyday, is doing something very stupidly". That sounds like an endorsement of Ron Paul. Well I'm sure that's not the case, but if nothing else that is good ammo for Ron, Rand, or Gary if they appear on his show sometime.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

I like that Luke

challenges the media talking heads. I don' think they are used to having the tables turned on them. This is good stuff. Luke is getting better and better all the time.


that was the longest response about a topic he has never thought about i've ever heard.

I have a pretty good feeling he's thought about this quite a bit...but is careful about what he puts out there. Regardless...props for doing the interview and not blowing off the question like most would have.

Go Luke, Go!

Of all the sellouts, heartbreaks and disappointments of 2012... warriors like you are an extremely genuine, positive thing!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I think this is what WAC

I think this is what WAC should focus on. Liberty candidates are constantly toeing a line in the lion's den of politics, and WAC tends to paint them unfairly.

Freedom! Forever!

I'm confused...

"Liberty candidates?" Do you mean republicans? I've seen WRC expose REPUBLICANS, but can't recall any "Liberty candidates."

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Idiotic reasoning. He's a

Idiotic reasoning. He's a broadcast journalist with a broad based political show, not an expert or a specialist.

Ventura 2012


My expertise is actually in BaFFleGaB
-L O'D

So O'Donnell hasn't thought enough about NDAA to have opinion?

Does the president have the power under the Constitution to suspend due process?


Should he have that power?

Fuck no.

There Lawrence. While you were busy making up excuses for several minutes about not thinking about it, it took me 2 seconds of thinking about it to come to a definitive conclusion.


For LO...

"Properly speaking a serf owns nothing except his stomach."


I think Luke did an excellent

I think Luke did an excellent job of drawing him out. He asks hard questions and most blow him off, but he was persistant yet courteous and he got an actual response...good job.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


I vehemently disagree with Lawrence O'Donnel on many issues but big respect for actually doing the interview. He even had the awareness enough to tell his handler to stop trying to block the interview because it was already being taped. That just doing the interview and not running away would actually do less harm. Right he was. Also to his credit he was surprisingly candid too. He admitted he was ignorant on areas such as the NDAA and the anti journalist/whistleblower espionage act, that those areas fall outside his expertise and that he didnt feel qualified to speak on that. Fair enough. He thanked Luke and others like Glen Greenwald for actually paying attention to those things and acknowledged that there should be a greater public awareness and outcry about things. Whether he actually meant that or not who knows, it was still a very courteous and polite thing for him to say so good on him for at least being respectful and accommodating and not scoffing, laughing, ridiculing or fleeing the interview like so many other politicians and talking heads.

I believe both Luke and Lawrence were very gracious, fair and real.Great job! Good interview.


Oh no, NOT this intellectually stunted guy again.

And yes, I'm obviously referring to the MSNBC guy.

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