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I have met them both

Ron a number of times, and Rand I got to know a bit during his campaign. I disagree. Ron is way more personable than Rand. You might argue that he manuevers better politically, but on the personality front Ron is way ahead of Rand.

Rand Paul is a sell out

If you have any doubt in your mind left watch this:

Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Not taking after his father.


It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

No I don't think so

Why has Rand been more supportive to Romney while His own Father was running for President. Crowd envey maybe?
There is nothing wrong with Ron Paul's personality or his shirts or his ties or shoes or how hard his supporters worked or if his supporters bothered to get out and vote it's called election fraud.

That's because

That's because Ron doesn't "play" politics. He doesn't take money from lobbyists either.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I have a theory about this. Work with me here...

Ron is a gentle sage. He is so full of wisdom that it is difficult for him to express himself to those who are not totally ready to embrace his message.

Carol Paul is a charming lady. She kills all of her interviews and shines in the spotlight. (And she appears to be the more aggressive one, she even asked out Ron for their first date).

Ron Paul + Carol Paul =


Rand Paul

That sounds about right to me


You missed a biggy...Ron Paul earned respect.

Numerous congressman have said "everyone in the House wanted RP's name on their Bills". RP stood on principle. Wow! What a catch RP would be!

Don't think Rand's doing so good in that department—respect. After watching this C-Span NewsMakers interview from yesterday, I say Rand's trying to letter as a Varsity GOP Team Player. Nothing good will ever come out of that.


Feel free to embed it in your OP. Who knows, you may even think it supports your opinion. Personally, I think Rand's already lost in the Swamp that is D.C..

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Rand and Ron are statesmen

Rand is better at conveying foreign policy and budgets than Ron. They are the same in every aspect, though. Ron appeases us hardliners, Rand is frantically trying to expand the base to get fellow minded congressman in, and hopefully in 2016, a libertarian president.

Ron, unfortunately, does not know how to make headway with 'mainstream' voters, and at times I wondered if I really agreed with him. At times he sounded like Noam Chomsky.....which is definitely not appealing.

I completely agree

Thats why I will never support Rand Paul. He is a politician. Unlike his father I believe Rand Paul is corruptible.

I think so too

Thanks for the upbeat article.

He had a good teacher...

But I wouldn't say Rand is a better politician than Ron, I would say that Rand is just like Ron 30 years ago. Take a look at Ron's old speeches, he used to be a much better speaker (and the similarities between Ron 30 years ago and Rand now are eery: the way they look, the way they sound). That's just something that happens with age. It's like comparing the current Muhammad Ali with the current heavyweight champion, you need to compare apples to apples.

Bu anyway, there's a fundamental difference between Ron and Rand. When Ron entered politics, and up to recent times, he never expected to be politically successful: i.e. pass pro-liberty legislation. He saw himself as a messenger first and a politician second. His goal was to build a base which future liberty-minded politicians could use to be politically successful: liberty-minded politicians like, for example, his own son, and all the others now involved in politics thanks to what Ron Paul started. Ron and Rand aren't in competition. Their efforts are cumulative and complimentary.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

A pile of compost has more personality....

Besides, that dirty mop on Rand's head could scare a gorilla away!

Charisma? Real leaders don't engage in partisan attacks a month before the election to satisfy the GOP and its Corporate owners. Ron Paul would have pointed out the Republicans who voted against ending or restricting foreign aid, as well as the Democrats. That is the difference between a great leader and a partisan puppet!

I would have to disagree with

I would have to disagree with you on at least one account of seeing a neocon write about how sexy rand paul's curly hair is lol ... so ..... lol

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Listen to what you said:

"The average person has no clue on monatary policy, the Federal Reserve, and the history of banking and don't care. To them the subject is boring."

Guess what. That's EXACTLY the perfect kind of people to be controlled and ruled over.

To say that is the destiny of our country is just plain wrong IMO. All of us being here contradicts that.

Rand has a great future ahead

Rand has a great future ahead of him as the leader of the libertarian movement. I like the fact that he doesn't pander to everyone in the liberty movement and try to win over all his dad's supporters. He isn't riding the coattails but forging his own way. I get the impression that many people would prefer him to be some kind of drone that repeats everything his dad says, because apparently if he doesn't agree with Ron on something then he's a neocon. Fact is he has already done infinitely more for the liberty movement than any person on here that's bitching and moaning about him being different than Ron.

egapele's picture

Rand does have a great future ahead of him.

Which is precisely why some people come here to bash him.


...I think the paid trolls realize that they won't get anywhere attacking Ron Paul, but they can equally well damage the Liberty Movement by attacking Rand and other future leaders, and they can even do so under the pretense of loyalty to Ron.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

"Rand Paul is better at politics than Ron Paul"

And that's exactly why Rand doesn't deserve our support. Politicians have gotten us nowhere. We need true statesmen like Ron, not sellouts like Rand.

I don't play, I commission the league.



Ambition over principle, is NOT the message of RON Paul...


if there was no Ron Paul, Rand would be nothing but another two bit politician. people incorrectly assume he is something different because he is Ron Paul's son.

Ron Paul has twice the charisma of Rand

and much better social skills as well. Ron is polite, humble and poised. He never backs off from a direct question and answers honestly. What do you think drew all of us to him in the first place? He drew so much support, he'd be our next president if not for the electoral fraud. Rand isn't a complete wash, but he sure has been a disappointment compared to his dad.

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I have not been disappointed in Rand.

In fact, I am gaining more respect for him as time goes on.

Rand just has a different

Rand just has a different style going about it than his Dad, just like Ron has his style. Ron is an intellectual and talks like one. The average uneducated person wouldn't understand unless you were university educated or well read. Rand on the other hand knows how to sell himself to the uniformed people.

Sell himself to the uni-formed?

"Rand on the other hand knows how to sell himself to the uniformed people."

Please tell me that's an honest typo ;-)

Kind regs from / Amsterdam (clip) /, Holland,


I'm not university educated

...and I bet most of us here aren't either, and we understand Ron just fine. Lots of people began reading and self-educating after exposure to RP, he inspires people to do that. What is Rand's "style"? It seems to me that he's into compromise, playing along to get along, talking out of both sides of his mouth -- the very things that disgust most of us and made us support the only candidate who NEVER does that.

Ron has also endorsed neocons

Ron has also endorsed neocons in the past, as I have pointed out over and over and was pointed on on ronpaul2012.com when it was up.

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Ron has co-signed legislation with Barney Frank.

That sounds like compromise and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But with Rand it's called "playing along to get along."

I Saw your Title

and had this thought. I doubt that any of the legislation signed by Ron Paul was unconstitutional no mater who co-sponsored or co-authored it. That may be the difference?

I don't know I don't follow Rand much, but I when I have I do like what he has to say in his speaches to the Senate. I don't know if all of his positions and actions support the constitution. That would probably be at what I would look.

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It is not unconstitutional to endorse a candidate.

Which is what Rand did.

It was a "stealth" act (and a genius one at that) which makes him a threat to the establishment.

Thus, the bashing here at the Daily Paul.