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A great idea that turned another eye to Ron Paul!

I recieved this email from someone in our Meetup group. I read it and was feeling desperation to get the word out. My health is not that well and I sit in front of my computer much of the day. I decided to forward this email to everyone in my address book, everyone that has sent me an email or one I have sent myself. I recieved a response from a gentleman that I do not know. He read the email and wanted more information from me. That made my day. If everyone sent this "Cry to the American People" to people in their address book we could get the word out faster!

Here it is:

A Plea to the American People

Please read this in its entirety. I come to all of you today to beg for your support. If you choose not to help then I sincerely wish to never associate with you again. We have one more chance to save this country, it is called the Ron Paul Revolution. If you are unaware of it go to you tube and type Ron Paul. We have one more chance to save this nation from corporate domination, ruin, and despicable politicians. It is called the Ron Paul Revolution. This man is the greatest American in the history of this country and possibly the mo st principled, honest, and earnest leader in history.

For 30 years Dr. Ron Paul has been the lone voice against the abuse of power and the danger of fascism in America. Right now he is engaged in THE battle to retake our government from those who have sold our country to the highest bidder. I know a lot of you do not follow or care about politics because all the politicians seem crooked and morally bankrupt. Many people despise the fact that corporations give millions of dollars to both parties because they care not who wins; they only seek influence over our political system. This apathy is common but a major phrase in the Revolution is "Dr. Paul cured my apathy".

Our country has been stolen from us by the cabal of politicians, big business, mainstream media, and the military-industrial complex. They sold our nation to big bankers who then created the Federal Reserve which prints money at will, driving the value of the dollar down, so that they can fill their sleazy pockets. Dr. Ron Paul has spoken against this for 30 years and they have laughed at him for it. He has the best Congressional voting record in American history and constantly addresses an empty congress, they do not even deign attend his speeches. Any time there is a vote that passes 400 to 1, Ron Paul is that one lone defender of liberty. When every other politician is taking money from any and every corporation and lobby group they can get their greedy hands on, Dr. Ron Paul refuses to betray the trust of the people.

Those who control the wealth of this country, and hence the country, prey upon the American people's lack of knowledge about events so they can continue to destroy this nation. While we are enjoying the Simpson?s they are enjoying complete control of the government. They are terrified of Dr. Ron Paul now because here is finally a man who understands the danger posed by this system and who has the chance to be President. Can you imagine?

He has been saying these same things for 30 years so they let him run for President but then something amazing happened, we started listening. His message of honoring the Constitution and abolishing the evil implements of government like the Federal Reserve and the IRS is spreading like wildfire across this great land. The internet is ablaze with support for him and the average citizen knows nothing of him because the main-stream media refuses to give him air time. That is because everything you see and hear is owned by a handful of wealthy men who enjoy your ignorance so that they can keep robbing our nation. They are part of the same web of corruption that Dr. Paul wants to abolish.

The internet is the last free place for the American people to converse, and converse we have. We have used this as a tool to organize ourselves to spread the word, AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE ANY LONGER! On Nov 5th tens of thousands of concerned Americans donated a total of 4.3 million dollars in 24 hours to his campaign; a record, then on Dec 16th they raised 6 million in 24 hours. There is a limit of $2300 on individual contributions and Dr. Paul refuses to take a penny from greedy corporations. There are many who are not eating, saving any money they can to give to the campaign because they know we will never have another chance like this. Citizens have had to be very inventive in order to get the word out about him. Thousands have pooled their own money together to fly a Ron Paul Blimp around the nation, they raised money for the Ron Paul Air corps, a team of planes trailing RP Banners. Through word of mouth, cleverness, and hard-work we the people are fighting for our liberty.

Never in the history of the world has a politician raised so much so fast. There are Ron Paul Meetup Groups in every country on the planet as the message of liberty spreads. Too long have we been controlled like sheep while the elite carry on in their arrogance.

I volunteered from Jan 2nd till the New Hampshire primary on the 8th for Dr. Paul. There were hundreds and hundreds of people from all across the country, some of whom quit their jobs to volunteer. People from other countries came and volunteered because they pray for the future of America and the world. During the campaign I was appalled at the lengths to which other candidates and the media went to exclude and minimize Dr. Paul. Ron Paul wins the majority of the tamperproof post debate polls and straw polls, he receives the most money from active military, and had more cash on hand than McCain, Hunter, Tancredo, and Huckabee combined as of Dec 12th. Still they tell the voters he can not win.

Before you even get to vote the media picks who will win. They repeat it over and over again until we believe it. Before we even get to vote in the first primary they have anointed the "front-runners". The News talks about what strategies a certain candidate should employ to combat the latest accusations and ignores the issues. They speak of candidates "electability" and how they will poll with certain groups, not about the issues. The media has become morally bankrupt and the American people are beginning to notice.

The polls are conducted by Fox sellout Frank Luntz who has been accused by countless watch groups of manipulating the votes. The polls are then used to convince America that certain candidates are unpopular and others are. Have you ever voted for someone because of a candidate's "momentum"? While I was in New Hampshire countless people told me that they really liked Ron Paul a lot but didn't want to waste their vote because the polls said he couldn't win.

I worked at the polls in NH during the primary and saw a certain candidate's people bring tons of mentally challenged individuals to vote for them, I was told by many fellow volunteers that this happened at their polling places as well. I witnessed a secret media event staged so that a certain candidate could ship in 20 people to hold his signs behind a news anchor to make it seem like he had support. The next day the picture on the front page was of this group. To anyone who was not there it would have appeared as if that candidate had tons of people supporting him. To anyone who was in Concord or Manchester though it was obvious Ron Paul volunteers had a 30 to 1 advantage in supporters. Why did they do it in secret? Because there was not a camera in Manchester that was not surrounded by hundreds of Ron Paul volunteers from all over the world in order to get ANY news coverage at all.

I screamed as Fox News excluded Dr. Paul from the debate the day before the primary even though he was VERY popular in NH and had an army of devoted Americans running all over the state. How many supporters of the other candidates did we see out talking to people? Other than one other candidate, only a few. I was enraged that a corporation would DARE to directly and blatantly attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election. The NH GOP pulled their sponsorship of the debate in their disgust over it. My heart finally broke though after the results were tallied when we discovered that there had been voter fraud to steal the election from this good man. Dr. Paul has yet to comment on his response but the volunteers are raising the money for a recount on our own though the media will just ignore that as well. Why are they trying to silence this man? Why do they try and make you think he is crazy?

I cried the day America invaded Iraq because that was the day our leaders destroyed everything this country was built upon. The principles of our founders were forgotten as America entered the age of empire. I am crying again now as I write this plea to you. The politicians of both parties pay only lip service to the American People. They base their campaigns around what they think we want to hear not on any sense of honor. They play the American people against each other. They pander to our religious devotion by pretending to be godly. They pander to our hope for our children's future by promising a better tomorrow but then forget their oath as soon as they attain power. They play the lower, middle, and upper classes against each other to occupy our energies while they bankrupt this nation to fill their own banks. Do not let it be said that when providence delivered the American people its last chance for liberty that I was silent.

The time of voting for the lesser of two evils is past. There is finally a great man that the American people can rally behind, his name is Dr. Ron Paul

If you have ever wished things were better then get this note into the hands of as many people as possible. If you have ever felt a tingle of patriotism then get this note into the hands of as many people as possible. If you have ever received any kindness in your life then please do this country a kindness and get this note into the hands of as many people as possible. If you have ever looked at the flag as a child and felt hope, pride, and security then get this note into the hands of as many people as possible. Lastly and with all due respect since I do not know all of you well but if you only do one honorable thing in your life then get this note into the hands of as many people as possible.

E-mail this to everyone you know, walk the streets and stores of America and hand it out to everyone you meet and implore them to read it. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, cannot even vote, or have never engaged in political action you are first and foremost an American! Complacency or apathy is no longer an excuse. Volunteer with the campaign, donate to the campaign, pray, make Ron Paul signs and put them EVERYWHERE across America and tell everyone you know to do the same but most importantly VOTE. God bless you all, God bless America, and God bless Dr. Ron Paul for curing my apathy. If anyone wants to know what they can do to help call my personal number

Greg Lewis 321-663-4942

Orlando, FL, The United States of America