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Caterpillar moving a 100+ year old 518,000 pound Oak TREE!

Caterpillar moving a 100+ year old 518,000 pound Oak TREE ! ! !

This is a good one... Tree huggers and tree lovers should appreciate it...

This is nothing but cool!!! Would make a terrific ad for Caterpillar


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I wonder

Do trees suffer from phantom limb syndrome?

Thanks, that was fun to watch.


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The dark side

Unfortunately, not all Caterpillar products are used for good:

Spot on...

CAT/Caterpillar is now synonomous with bulldozing 1000 yr. old olive trees, homes, farms, AND the murder of American peace activist Rachel Corrie in 2003. The hypocracy of that company is disgusting... Join the boycott:

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