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Hurricane Sandy - Predicted In 1997 Using A Drill. Same Track, Name,

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Wow, wow, wow


Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

If you actually read the link...

you would know that the fake hurricane was named after the communications officer and that its path was based on the Hurricane of 1938. Eerie coincidence, but whatever.

I don't play, I commission the league.

What is it going to take?

Intentional assassination of MOVE members in Philadelphia during Reagan when FBI Hostage Rescue Team uses incendiary device in neighborhood

Intentional ambush and murder of Sammy Weaver and Vicky Weaver, Ruby Ridge.

Intentional assassination and incineration of Branch Davidians at Waco.

CIA connection to FIRST World Trade Center Bombing

News reports of multiple explosive devices inside Murrah Building, Oklahoma City

News reports of MOSSAD involvement in 911 in 2001 including admission by MOSSAD agent

Aircraft attack on New York City Skyscrapers dramatized on TV episode of "The Lone Gunmen" months before 911

Massive NORAD aircraft drill taking place during 911 attacks

Weapons grade anthrax used against members of Congress traced to Fort Detrick, MD AND THEN TRAIL GOES COLD

If they bust down your door like they did that hapless Marine in Tucson, are your last thoughts going to be, "Eerie coincidence"?

God, I hope there are enough people with families in the Northeast with more sense than that.