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Google Launches Voter Information Tool

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Certified Write-in Candidates

If Google published information of the certified write-in candidates of each state, then we'd be talking.

Gary Johnson Listed Above Romney

I'm always skeptical of Google, but I appreciate that they're listing who's running for each race and in effect encouraging people to research the candidates for themselves.

And I love that they included Libertarians and other third parties in their lists. That's more than you get from the news!

I know we've all grown to distrust them, but now and again they do something that's really not that bad.

Google is a global taxing authority, above the law

This is merely a ploy to strong arm politicians in order to advance google goals.

They are aiming for a world ruled by technocrats, stay away at all costs.

Screw Google

Really don't care about google. They sold out.


Not sure what we're supposed to do with this or make of it?

I did notice however google still has the delegate count wrong.
According to this link there were 190 delegate votes cast for Ron Paul at the RNC:

Yet google has Dr. Paul with only 158 delegates and does not indicate the states he actually won: