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The nanny was on SSRIs


It is immoral and unethical to give a depressed person a drug that may make them homicidal or suicidal - and it is the "standard of care" in our current healthcare system.

Would you give a diabetic a pill that might cause a diabetic coma?
Would you give a hypertensive patient a drug that might cause a stroke?
Would you give an Alzheimer's patient a drug that might make them forgetful?
How can anyone justify allowing a drug to stay on the market with a track record like this:

I am sick of hearing people say "Oh, but it helped me." That is selfish in the extreme - there were herbs, exercise and diet that would have helped you, too. Were you too lazy and just wanted a pill to make you better? It is like saying "I prefer to drive on the sidewalk. I get scared driving on the road with all those cars. Pedestrians just don't matter, what matters is that I find the easiest way to get through life."

Loved ones ought not let loved ones take SSRIs - or occasionally loved ones get murdered by loved ones on SSRIs.

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